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June 3, 2014:
The Big Ass Book of Spanking 2 by CF Publishing

The Big Ass Book of Spanking 2

by CF Publications


Sometimes bigger is better. In the case of a book on spanking stories, bigger is always better. And at over 350 pages with 24 sexy, butt-burning tales, the second Big Ass Book of Spanking delivers with writings from some of CF's most popular and talented authors, including The Sergeant, Chuck Wilson, Dr. Dlaniger, Greg Babcock, SFG & more.

The stories feature M/F, F/F, F/M so there's something for nearly everyone, and whether you're a fan of paddles, over-the-knee hand spankings or old-fashioned whippings you can be sure something within the pages of this HUGE collection will leave you squirming in your seat.

*** Available in eBook formats (PDF, ePub & MOBI) in our member's area until July 15th member's only!


May 27, 2014:
The Perfect Wedding Dress by Joannie Kay

The Perfect Wedding Dres

by Joannie Kay


Could it really be so easy? Brook asked herself. When her new neighbor asked to give her a hand with her moving, she felt safe with him. He seemed to be the yin to her yang. When she heard him threaten his sister with a spanking, her own cheeks blushed. Surely he wasn't a spanko?

But, when he started counting after she lost her temper and cursed while driving, and added another count when she answered her cell phone while driving, she wondered if it meant what it would mean in most DD relationships. Michael saw the pretty little redhead, and realized he was interested. She suffered from road rage, however, and he knew how to deal with that!

A sore bottom would test the waters to see if a relationship was possible.

*** Available in eBook formats (PDF, ePub & MOBI) in our member's area until July 8th for member's only!


May 20, 2014:
Plain and Simple by CJ Blais

Plain and Simple

by CJ Blais


Few authors write better or more believable tales of domestic discipline than CJ Blais, and she’s at the top of her literary form with “Plain and Simple,” a collection of stories featuring the kind of real-life scenarios fans of lifestyle spanking adore.

In “Plain and Simple” and “Plain and Simple: Down on the Farm,” Blais chronicles the story of Anna Smith, a writer who joins the Amish community as an outsider for the purposes of writing about their culture. But to do this, she must live as the grown “daughter” of Isaac, and this quiet farmer has no qualms about spanking Anna just as he does any other errant child.

Two other stories also feature dominant men and submissive women getting long, hard bare-bottomed spankings.

This book is sure to be a quick favorite of those who appreciate reading about traditional spankings.

*** Available in eBook formats (PDF, ePub & MOBI) in our member's area until July 1st for member's only!


May 13, 2014:
The Specialist by Jason Powers

The Specialist

by Jason Powers


John is a man in control, an expert in his field who is sought out by the women who need him. His skill - providing long, hard bare-bottom spankings to females who know they need correction, whether it be for guidance or to alleviate guilt.

He is The Specialist, and now these three stories - available in e-book format for the first time - give readers a glimpse inside the world and mind of a professional disciplinarian, and the women who use his services with bum-burning results.

Marie - She's young and beautiful. She's also rash, and when Marie cheats on her boyfriend after an argument she is so overcome with guilt that she calls upon John to give her the hard over-the-knee spanking she deserves. But can she handle the consequences? Because once The Specialist starts there's no turning back.

Lynn - Lynn knows she needs the special touch of The Specialist, but at the same time is terrified of the vulnerability she feels when she find herself alone with him. Told from the spankee's point of view, this story gives the woman's perspective on a session with The Specialist.

Joanna - She's never been spanked except in her dreams. So when Joanna finds herself finally facing punishment for real it is at the hands of a man who knows just what he's doing. Will her first spanking with The Specialist be all that she'd hoped for and feared?

*** Available in eBook formats (PDF, ePub & MOBI) in our member's area until June 24th for member's only


May 6, 2014:
Traditions in Discipline by C. Flint

Traditions in Discipline

by C. Flint


In some families, spanking is part of tradition. It’s tradition in some offices, too. And in this collection of five beautifully written and extremely hot spanking stories, wives, sisters, lovers and co-workers find themselves submitting to the hard hand of correction as their bottoms are bared for well-deserved punishment.

Whether it’s the tale of the thieving co-worker who gets much more than she bargained for when she agrees to corporal punishment to the husband who finds himself tasked with correcting both his wife and her sister to the woman who’s father passes the spanking tradition down to her new husband, these stories are bound to please even the most discriminating spanking enthusiast.

*** Available in eBook formats (PDF, ePub & MOBI) in our member's area until June 17th, 2014 for member's only!



April 29, 2014:
Victorian Spanings by CF Publications

Victorian Spankings

by CF Publications


The strict morality and convention of the Victorian era was just tailor-made for spanking fiction, and in this collection of period spanking stories, authoritarian males remind Victorian ladies of their place - that place being over a dominant man’s lap. Penned by some of C.F. Publication’s hottest writers, this collection features hard, over-the-knee correction with hands, hairbrushes and more.

Errant wives take heart. This book will make you glad you live in the modern era. Or maybe not.....

Fisters-In-Law by James - Two Victorian sisters-in-law, one spanked, the other not. The first afraid of another pregnancy, the other desperately wanting a child. When Edward catches them naked and naughty both get spanked, and perhaps he will do something about their other wants. Old-Fashioned Discipline by Jewels - No Victorian husband should tolerate the type of tantrum Eva threw in the dress store. When he witnesses it, he Jonathan marches her back to the store to apologize. When she refuses, he turns her over his knee and spanks the seat of her bloomers with a hairbrush. It hurts and is embarrassing, but later they both find they are turned on.

Her Best Friend's Spanking by Haley Brimley - The word SPANKING echoed in the Victorian-styled living room and Virginia Masterson very nearly gasped aloud. The 18-year-old brunette heard the word clearly, sharp as spring water and just as cold. “You heard me right, Camryn Elise: a good, sound spanking on your bare little bottom. You know you are never too old, and this is exactly what you will get when your father gets home.”

*** Available in eBook formats (PDF, ePub & MOBI) in our member's area until June 10th for member's only!













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