Male/Female Stories

Foursome, by A.B. (June 2, 2017)

"NO BUTS!" he absolutely thundered. "There is no such thing as an excuse for thoughtlessness and disobedience!" I had been preparing a summary of the facts in the case, but in the face of such absolutism, anything I might have said about Tom and his car would have sounded pretty pathetic. I felt the wind going out of my sails and could see the same thing happening to Mary Rose. Mr. Flynn looked around once more, impressively. Mary Rose was flushing, and so, no doubt, was I; Janet looked a little sick. Peggy was dead pale: I'd never seen anyone looking so desperate. I think I sensed that a hole was about to open in the floor under me. "I assume," said Mr. Flynn grimly, "that you understood the rules of this house when you chose to flout them. You, Margaret, are most responsible, for it was up to you to make sure your guests understood their duty. You certainly cannot plead ignorance. Obviously, your previous lessons have not been effective. You need another, and a good one." While he was talking, he was opening a cabinet next to the colonial fireplace, and reaching inside. He now pulled out, and laid on the table, a short, thick, nasty_looking razor strap, narrowed at one end into a sort of handle. Peggy looked paler, if that was possible; the rest of us, completely taken by surprise, sucked in our breath. Poor Janet actually moaned.

Justice for Judith, by James Fox (June 2, 2017)

Judith knew that Mr. Jefferson had wanted to cane her for along time, and for his benefit she made a show of defiantly removing her dress and then pushed her knickers down to her ankles and carefully stepped out of them. She never wore a bra in the hot weather and was now standing totally naked in front of him. She could feel Jefferson studying her naked body, enjoying the fullness of her bosom and buttock swell. Judith was not ashamed of her body, she was proud of it. Although he was going to cane her bare bottom, that was all he would be doing to it.

Judith walked towards Jefferson’s' desk and bent herself over it, her breasts pressing down against the hard wooden surface. She watched him position himself behind her and felt the cane coldly, gently, touch her naked unprotected buttocks. The swish of the cane on its descent filling her ears and then its burning bite as it landed sharply across the middle of both cheeks.

Hide and Go Spank, by M.S. (May 29, 2017)

Smiling broadly, he cast his gaze at the poor little girl who had lied to him nary an hour ago. He had suspected it at the time and had admonished Gwen about her behavior, only to have been rebuffed with an obvious lie. Now it was time to pay The Piper in the time honored fashion that the brothers shared. Henry knew that George would punish her good and proper; it was their way. No Conron girls ever left a discipline session before crying buckets of tears and without a raw, burning behind. Henry didn’t expect George to change his standards now. He handed George the stool and grinned broadly at Gwen.

Jill, Karen and the Swimming Hole, by Daria (May 29, 2017)

I felt the dampness on his course coveralls as I lap across his lap. His large hand wiped away the remaining sand from my fanny. I shuddered as I felt him draw back his arm. I felt myself jerk at the impact of his hand on my bottom, I became aware of the dull sound the swat made in the open space of trees and the pond, more than the sting. I felt my senses alive and in a turmoil of emotion. I was embarrassed to be getting a bare bottom spanking outdoors, at the same time there was a feeling of forgiveness and comfort in knowing we had done wrong and the spanking would wash away our crimes into forgiveness. I scrunched down on his lap determined to take my punishment and earn the forgiveness that I wanted. The swats of his hand soon began to tug at my resolve to take my spanking like a good girl. I felt myself squirming on his lap. I was dimly aware of the dampness of his coveralls on my tummy and the gritty sand on my tummy. Mostly, I felt the fire beginning to burn my bottom as his hand slapped against my fanny. I was soon squealing and kicking my legs as if I were nine years old again.

The Director, by Miss Lee (May 26, 2017)

Luanne was beginning to wonder what she had ever found so attractive about being spanked...

He wound up for the tenth and final blow, assuming, of course, she didn't forget to count it. Whistling with contentment, he noted a few darkening places that would be bruises. One more, he thought with satisfaction, and she indeed would avoid sitting for a few days! Raising the paddle above his head, he brought it down fast and hard, with as much wrist snap as he could manage when the wood made contact with Luanne's tenderized flesh. She bucked and pulled against her restraints, and screamed, “EEEEEEEEE! TENNNNN!” Bursting into sobs, she realized this was worse than her sorority paddling. Much worse. Dear God, much, much worse!

The Discipline and the Brat, by Lisa (May 26, 2017)

He began to spank her bottom slowly and firmly each swat falling in a different spot until her whole bottom was warm. She was actually starting to relax a bit. But Jeffrey knew this and smiled to himself thinking this was going to be easier than he thought she actually thought this was her punishment. Boy was she in for a big shock. He started to spank harder and Danielle's eyes grew wide she began to get scared. "Jeffrey wait I am sorry really I am please don’t spank me anymore."

Jeffrey chuckled a bit to himself and forced himself to be firm. "Danielle, do you really think you have been disciplined enough for your disrespect if you do we can stop now." Danielle wanted to say yes she thought it was enough but he was right she deserved the spanking she was getting and more. So instead of what she wanted to say she told him that she did indeed deserve this spanking and all he decided to dish out.

Cheryl's Senior Moment, by C.J. West (May 22, 2017)

Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! His hand began spanking her posterior. "Owww, Daddy," she yelled. "Please. Not too hard. Owww."

The rest of the family, still waiting dinner downstairs, listened to the action going on upstairs. First they could hear the "Whack!" as the hard right palm landed on Cheryl's bare bottom. Then the yell as the heat increased in her cheeks. They could hear her pleas and promises. Of course, all of this sounded very familiar to Michelle. She had been across her father's lap many times and had made many of the same sounds as his hand spanked her bare backside.

Meanwhile, upstairs in her room, Cheryl was kicking and crying like a child as her fanny turned bright red. Tears were flowing down her cheeks as her father applied the final two smacks.

Clare's Erotic Spanking, by A.J. Wilshire (May 22, 2017)

So sweet, so lovely, such a perfect little bottom That affectionate side of me just wants to caress her and is almost frightened of the strap I have in my right hand. But then that other side kicks in, a lesson must be taught.

“Ready?” I say, and she replies wordlessly, dropping down to rest on her elbows and forearms, straightening her back, thrusting out her bottom. I draw my hand back, whip it forward and the strap bites into her squarely at the apex of her round bottom.

“OHHH,” she says in sudden gasping surprise. They never remember quite what its like, do they? A light pink band emerges across her bottom.


Fishing for a Spanking, by A.L. Purvis (May 19, 2017)

Cheryl's head swivelled side to side like her neck had come unscrewed. "No ... no ... oh no," she begged.

"You'd be surprise," he told her, "how that old strap across the back of your lap will make the truth blubber out of your mouth."

Now her head was bobbing up and down like a canoe in a storm. "Yes ... I mean 'no' ... I mean, 'yes, sir'... I mean, 'please don't' ..." You'd have thought Cheryl was already in the woodshed with her bare bottom up waiting for the old man to start strapping her tender tail. (She says, "That's exactly the picture I had in my mind. Your spankings are merely symbolic compared to the hiding that old bastard would give a girl. Or a grown woman either, for that matter.")

Fixing the Ticket, by Caroline (May 19, 2017)

Steve swore to himself. Dammit! Why did she have to have those soft big eyes that looked up at him like she was a lamb about to be slaughtered? He wanted to gather her into his arms and rock her, cuddle her, protect her from the evils of the world. She needed nurturing.

"Alright," he agreed roughly, "Sit down over there." He pointed behind her to the big double bed in the middle of the room. She sat on the edge of the bed, conscious of the panties that had bunched around her knees, and blushed. He saw her bottom lip tremble, and he thought if she did that again, he would lose control altogether and let her get away with murder. Damn! He sank into the armchair.

"Steve," she began, "It's not an easy thing for me to admit I'm wrong. I pulled a nasty trick on your friend, using you to get out of that ticket. So," she took a deep breath and continued, "I want to apologize to him, and to you, and if it's okay with you, I want to go to court and pay the fine."

In the Nick of Time, by Ed Finn (May 15, 2017)

"Let's go!"

He'd marched them back out to the car, this time wounding Tiff's other delicate arm. What a mean old bastard! But she had been relieved to exit the authoritative confines of the police station. She is still certain she has no cause for alarm despite Dudley Doright's best efforts to get her spanked. Still, she isn't looking forward to the inevitable confrontation with her grandfather. She'll just have to make it crystal clear that he has no say whatever over what she does.

Anyway,Terri had seemed even more upset than before. She just sat there slowly shaking her head and wringing her hands. Every now and then she'd pled with their Storm Trooper chauffeur to drive slower. When they'd come within sight of her house, she'd exclaimed, "Oh no! Please, can't you take Tiff home first? I'm not ready to go in yet. Please!"

The Sting, by James Fox (May 15, 2017)

Dave took hold of my left leg, and started parting them as I was bending. Both my bottom and pussy were pushed up awaiting his attentions. I was expecting him, wanting him, to stroke the gusset of my knickers, I was really aching for him to do so, but he didn't. Instead, I felt the cold sole of the plimsoll rest on my right cheek.

"I'm going to give you six slaps on each cheek in the same manner as before." He said.

The plimsoll was definitely harder to take than a hand spanking, but, I felt that I would be able to take it. Again, my eyes were full of tears, and I was sobbing gently. But my bum was now feeling delightfully hot, and my breasts had started swaying with the rhythm of the slaps, and I could feel my nipples hardening. If this is all cp is, I was going to offer it as a regular service from now on.

When Dave had finished span` king me with the plimsoll, he led me over to the settee and sat us both down again.

Sexual Harassment Suit, by John Burt (May 12, 2017)

Laura remained in position, tears running down her face, her fingers almost clawing at the desktop, but her palms still pressed flat. Then Lane felt hands reaching in front of her and realized that Ervin was trying to unbuckle her pants. She raised her hips, wondering only afterwards why she helped him without thinking about it.

Ervin pulled Lane's slacks down to her ankles, and then her panties. She felt terribly exposed, even more than she would have if she'd had a skirt lifted the way Laura had. Not that it made that much difference; Lane knew she and Laura were now both naked from the waist down, their bottoms making an odd pair, one covered with blazing red marks and the other untouched. Lane shuddered, knowing they'd soon be a matched pair.

Hot Negotiation, by Ed Finn (May 12, 2017)

I removed my coat and tie, loosened my collar, and went over and started poking through her large CD collection. I was trying to decide between Diana Krall’s soothing jazz, and Ben Harper’s much more earthy folk-rock, when she suddenly reappeared, not yet changed.

“Do me a favor, would you, hon?” she asked, handing me a yellow legal pad and a pen. “While I’m changing, please see if you can remember the five rules we agreed on last night and list them right here, okay? I think we should review them. I’ll only be a few minutes, so you’ll have to hurry to have it done before I get back.”

A quick peck on my cheek and she was gone.

Aha! I saw right through her. This was nothing but an obvious ploy to get me into some kind of made-up trouble, which she would then use as an excuse to spank me again.

Spank Trek: The Next Flagellation, by Dr. Ken (May 8, 2017)

Lt. Worf, a Klingon and the chief of Security aboard ship, rolled his eyes. Like all Klingons, Worf was dark-hued, and his the skin on his forehead covered what seemed to be a mass of spiny bumps. This was a product of evolution. The Klingons--a war-like race--had evolved this extra bone-mass to give their heads extra protection in combat.

"Well, once the ambassadors are aboard and safely conducted to their quarters, I see no reason why you and Worf can't have some time for another rehearsal. How is it coming?" Picard asked.

Beverly shook her head. "It's safe to say that, being Klingon, the theater isn't exactly in Worf's blood--especially when it comes to doing the classics! But with another run-through or two, I think we'll be ready."

Spring Vacation, by A.B. (May 8, 2017)

Joan, in fact, was right now giving a vivid demonstration of her membership in this group by the agonized way she twisted her body under the hard smacks of Ted's hand on her reddening bottom, which followed one another like a volley of pistol shots. Still she remained stubbornly silent. Ted was silent too, arm and hand speaking for him. I stood paralyzed, fascinated by the struggle going on between them___Joan's effort to avoid reacting to the spanking, and Ted's effort to force that reaction from her. I don't know what my face showed, but I winced mentally as each merciless crack bounced and rippled my friend's naked flesh.

Joan's task got harder as the spanking continued. I could see that in the tension and rigidity of her head and shoulders, even if I hadn't been able to see the lobster shade of her bottomcheeks. She held both legs stiff, toes touching the floor. I couldn't imagine how she managed to avoid kicking them like a manic swimmer yanked out of the water, as I was sure I'd be doing in the same circumstances. Between whacks I could hear her breathing raggedly, though it might have been Ted. His neck was almost as red as her bottom, and his struggle seemed to be just as intense as hers.

Retribution, by A.B. (May 5, 2017)

"I'm 29,'' she said calmly.

"Well, I mean, my God, I can't just take a 29-year-old woman across my knee as if she was a naughty little girl!''

"Why not? Especially if a naughty little girl is exactly what she's just been? Don't forget those two copies of your program I gave away. Those two will probably multiply and deprive you of dozens of sales. Maybe hundreds.''

I brooded. This was true, and it did get some of my juices flowing. As for the prospect of putting this lovely woman across my knee and spanking her soundly, I must admit that got other juices flowing. It was a fantasy I had nurtured for years and never so much as mentioned to another.

Sabina, by C. Flint (May 5, 2017)

The rhythmic thunderclaps of the spanking had an almost hypnotic effect on me. My world was suddenly bounded by a small circle at the center of which was Sabina's backside as it bobbed on my lap, bouncing up an down like a pair of red balls being dribbled off the floor. I could feel nothing but the delicious slap of my hand as it punished her warm, bare flesh again and again. Everything else in the room receded into the distance. My eyes focused on her reddening buttocks as if they were spotlighted on a stage in a darkened theater. Nothing else mattered. Sabina's sobs and incoherent pleas became a buzzing noise on the periphery of my conscious. Even the clapping sounds of my hand against her bottom seemed like the ticking of a metronome regulating the cadence of the spanking but not directly connected to it.

Like Mother, Like Daughter, Part Three, by T.C. Stonefox (May 1, 2017)

Patricia was almost in tears as she listened to his words. In some ways he had taken a knife to her very soul and stabbed at her heart. Felicia was the most important thing to her, especially since her husband was dead. It was all she had except her own siblings and parents. Since the phone call yesterday, she had felt nothing but guilt at what happened. Felicia had done wrong and there was no doubt in Patricia's mind that she knew right from wrong, but the temptation should have never been there and wouldn't have been if there were distinct consequences to misbehavior. It was all she could do yesterday to watch her daughter get her beautiful bottom caned as severely as Mr. Marsh had done. Felicia would be raised differently now, but her own feelings and guilt were now to be dealt with.

Music to Spank By, by Al Purvis (May 1, 2017)

"If you push her beyond her limits, she'll scream bloody murder and fight like hell. That's the signal to stop spanking and start apologizing."

"I see."

"But don't be concerned about little 'oohs' and 'ohs' and 'ouches.' They merely mean she's feeling it. She wants to feel it."

"Well, I'll be damned."

"No doubt," Lillian said. "But until then, pay attention when you're spanking. A single shriek, without an all-out struggle, is the signal to stop spanking, but only momentarily. Massage the affected area. Don't loose your rhythm."

"What if she starts to cry?"

Like Mother, Like Daughter, Part Two, by T.C. Stonefox (April 28, 2017)

"Assuming your daughter agrees that a caning would be in her best interest, I'm going to require that you return here tomorrow afternoon and submit to a caning also. You have obviously forgotten its lessons and a dose of the rattan will certainly make you realize how valuable a tool it can be to a growing girl. I'm certain it will also ease your own conscience a bit.”

Patricia was stunned. She was 33 years old! To have to submit to a caning at her age seemed totally ludicrous. God, she thought on the verge of tears, I can't believe this is happening. She knew that something was going to have to change, but she certainly didn't want to put herself in that position again. Caned at her age! It seemed totally insane!

Motorcycle Mama, by Eileen (April 28, 2017)

Peaches was sobbing unashamedly, flinging herself from one side of the bench to the other. Bubbles felt herself tremble every time Bill brought his arm back.

Harry didn't seem overly troubled by the shocking scene playing out before them. Bubbles winced in sympathy at each loud slap and tearful wail. She poked Harry again, whispering, "She's had enough! Tell him to quit!"

Harry ignored her.

Model Behavior, by C.J. West (April 24, 2017)

Though Kathy had seen her roommate undressed a few times around the apartment, this was the first time her naked buttocks had been seen by Jan or Harry. "Boy," they both thought, "there's no wonder she is such a popular swim suit model. What a butt!"

Harry, however, quickly remembered the reason her fanny was uncovered. He placed his left hand on the right side of her waist and held her in position. Then he raised his right arm. Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! April jumped and wiggled as her behind experienced its first smacks in nearly three years. Kathy's eyes bugged out as she saw her physically mature roommate getting smacked. And Jan just looked stern, as though she believed the young woman was getting exactly what she had coming.

Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Harry did not hit quite as hard as April's father but he had a knack for hitting every inch of her backside. Then, when every bit of round flesh was tingling from the first assault, he'd go around again and begin to cause some real discomfort.

Sammy, by Annie (April 24, 2017)

"You didn't take ANYTHING out for dinner, let alone enough for my boss and his wife. 'Forgetting' is NOT a good excuse! I was totally humiliated. Now it's your turn!"

I raised my hand high above her ass and brought it down with a thunderous CLAP!

"OUCH!" Sammy gasped as a pink outline of my hand appeared across the highest point of her left cheek. Another was soon appearing, as if my magic, on the same spot on the right cheek.

A Little Bit Jealous, by Barbie (April 21, 2017)

"If you want it so badly, you can get it. If those girls mean so much. It is in your mother's attic. Search for it!" Betsy flipped around and headed for her office door.

She didn't make it. This time she was twirled around and jerked back across Ted's knee again. Her skirt was up in a flash and her panties hadn't moved from about her knees in all the fracas. Ted's hand landed on her already sore bottom and in minutes she was agreeing to go to his mother's and get the yearbook. With her agreement, Ted stopped the smacks. He asked, "You explained to my mother that I was looking for women in a twenty-five year old year book?"

Jennifer, by S.F.G. (April 21, 2017)

Spankings in the Stanley household began at age thirteen. If either of the girls was disobedient, they would be taken to Daddy’s study. The door would be ominiously closed behind them. Behind closed doors, bottoms were bared (always!) for the upcoming spanking. Shivering, humiliated, frightened and embarrassed, the girls had to stand next to Daddy as he sat in a straightbacked chair. They were always so embarrassed at this point. They were holding up their skirts and their panties were down and everything was exposed. Daddy frequently took this occasion to casually tap the back of the hairbrush on his open palm (which made a gentle splat, splat, splat sound) and asked questions-lots of questions-to the poor frightened young girl with the intention of increasing her dread of the upcoming spanking. He was always successful.

Lost Panties, by Asparkle (April 17, 2017)

"I think... that since you lost such an important part of your apparel in public, that your spanking... should be public. At least, public enough to properly represent your carelessness in this forum. Perhaps with an audience--an audience of two or three random observers." My face paled at his words. The men behind us looked at each other, both with wide grins on their faces.

My mouth opened a little and moved, but no comprehensible words came out. "You wouldn't," I eventually breathed.

Maia, by Helier (April 17, 2017)

I whacked her three times more across the lowest part of her buttocks. I could see the glistening wetness of her pussy so I slapped her there too, knowing she would feel at least the vibration if not the impact. In response she pushed her bottom out rudely so I whacked the ruler hard several times across the very top of her thighs. She shrieked with pain and, after a few strokes more, began to climax so I spanked her even harder while she came. She was rubbing her clit at the same time and her climax went the longest I could remember.

I stopped when she did and immediately she turned, still weeping, and fell to her knees. She opened my jeans and pulled my cock free. It was very hard and she thrust it straight into her mouth very deep. It was something she always did brilliantly but the urgency of it now was a superb feeling. I sat down on the sofa to enjoy it. With tongue, lips and fingers all at once, she was bringing me very quickly to a climax. Her little hand moved in to take over the shaft of my cock while her tongue and lips concentrated on the tip and underside. With her free hand she was tearing off her sweater and lifting her camisole.

Mary's Switching in the Woods, by Cathy (April 14, 2017)

Slowly, Mary pulled her white gauze cover-up over her head and placed it in the log as she had been instructed. As she did it, I noticed that she did expose a lot of herself around the bikini. I hoped I didn't expose as much, but I was afraid that I did. Mary shook her dark hair and ran her fingers through it to arrange it. She looked at me and shrugged her shoulders in defeat as she draped herself across the log. The white panties stretched across her big girlish bottom and I shuddered as I knew they would provide scat protection, if indeed, and I doubted it, she was allowed to leave them up. Our fathers believed that all spankings had to be on the bare bottom to be effective and I knew they weren't about to change their minds now.

Miss Collins and the School Board, by M.D. (April 14, 2017)

Tears dripped to the carpet as she pleaded and struggled with each descent of Henderson"s palm across her squirming bottom. First one shoe, then the other flew from her feet and her panties now hung on a single ankle and only her fear of losing this intimate garment caused her to stop kicking.

SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!!! "Aieeee!!"

"Seventy-five" she heard the counter"s voice. "Oh, please" she pleaded with Henderson, "that"s enough! Please, no more!"

The Latest Fashion, by James Ganier (April 10, 2017)

Valerie had never felt so humiliated as she did that moment. She couldn't remember ever having been spanked. Yet here she was, being paddlewacked in public! The second vice-president of the Business and Professional Women's Association. Soundly spanked!

It was a good thing Valerie had so much paddling back there. She needed it! That little shovel was proving to be a potent spanking paddle. It made a most satisfying ringing sound each time it made contact with the pantied posterior of Michael's mate. The photographers, after some initial hesitation, were now flashing away. And the audience, while still astonished, was responding with laughs, gasps, squeals and some excited commentary.

Fire Alarm-Barbie Grows Up, by Barbie (April 10, 2017)

The spanks rained down. On one cheek and then the other until her whole bottom was a bright shade of pink and Barbie was begging him to quit. She had given up trying to keep her legs together and still a long time ago. She was bouncing and wiggling and trying her hardest to roll off his lap. But she couldn't get loose. Uncle Grant had a tight hold and he just kept the spanks coming. Over and over again. Left, right, left, right and high and low and side and middle.

The Spanking Class, by A.M. (April 7, 2017)

I gave her bottom a minute rub before having her stand so that she could retrieve the maple oval backed hairbrush from the bathroom. She brought it back to me immediately and positioned herself across my lap again. WHACK on the right cheek, WHACK on the left cheek and WHACK across both cheeks. Thirty times the brush smacked into her blazing behind. Lisa yelled "OUCH” and "SSSTOP! I'LL BE GOOD.” Her behind was a shade of red that I had never seen before. It was a cross between cherry red and ripe apple red.

After the spanking Lisa and I spent the rest of the night making love. The warmth of her bottom against my pelvic region was a major factor to my ability of having two orgasms. Lisa had four powerful orgasms that night.

A Coat for Ruthie, by Eileen (April 7, 2017)

"Oh, you want to talk fair," he said grimly, "What's unfair is for you to, once again, charge my Gold Card up to its limit on some frivolous item that you have absolutely no need for. And to go behind my back! I've tried everything I can think of, Ruthie." He lambasted her already sore behind again several times, one right after the other, then went on,"I've tried talking to you, even pleading with you," WHACK! THWACK! "Each time you agree to curb your spending." WHACK! CRACK! "Each time you continue to do exactly as you please." WHACK! SMACK!

I've come to the realization that there`s nothing I can get you to do to stop wasting my money on these luxury items. Maybe this will stop you. Maybe not."

The Spanking Class, by A.M. (April 4, 2017)

I gave her bottom a minute rub before having her stand so that she could retrieve the maple oval backed hairbrush from the bathroom. She brought it back to me immediately and positioned herself across my lap again. WHACK on the right cheek, WHACK on the left cheek and WHACK across both cheeks. Thirty times the brush smacked into her blazing behind. Lisa yelled "OUCH” and "SSSTOP! I'LL BE GOOD.” Her behind was a shade of red that I had never seen before. It was a cross between cherry red and ripe apple red.

After the spanking Lisa and I spent the rest of the night making love. The warmth of her bottom against my pelvic region was a major factor to my ability of having two orgasms. Lisa had four powerful orgasms that night.

A Coat for Ruthie, by Eileen (April 4, 2017)

"Oh, you want to talk fair."he said grimly, "What's unfair is for you to, once again, charge my Gold Card up to its limit on some frivolous item that you have absolutely no need for. And to go behind my back! I've tried everything I can think of, Ruthie." He lambasted her already sore behind again several times, one right after the other, then went on,"I've tried talking to you, even pleading with you," WHACK! THWACK! "Each time you agree to curb your spending." WHACK! CRACK! "Each time you continue to do exactly as you please." WHACK! SMACK!

I've come to the realization that there`s nothing I can get you to do to stop wasting my money on these luxury items. Maybe this will stop you. Maybe not."

Housewarming, by Kristiana (April 1, 2017)

"Oh, ow! No, I don't need anybody", Lisa shouted but her head was beginning to tell her differently as her bottom began to warm from his administrations. She WAS tired of always getting her own way. To her it seemed that no one cared about her because they did not stop her from doing the many foolish things she had done over the years. She remembered how her friends had told her how they were punished for misbehavior and how they had felt loved and forgiven afterwards. Lisa had never known those feelings for she had never been disciplined in her life. Yet here she was being spanked for the first time by the man that she adored and she could not give in to him or the spanking.

In the Red, by Barbie (April 1, 2017)

Pam tightened her buttocks. She could feel them quivering. She wanted to be braver, but this was the worse spanking that she ever received. She sometimes had nightmares about it. Pam was frantic. She kicked her one free leg and begged. John's hand came down with a hard wallop to one buttock and stayed there. The pressure came and he pulled her bottom cheeks apart. The handle of the spatula landed for the first excruciating smack on the tender inner cheek. Pam shrieked. One was more than enough and she had to take fifteen. Fifteen on one inner cheek and then fifteen on the other. Each landed in the same spot and made a resounding sound. The sting on the inner cheek was incredible. Pam howled, twisted, cried, begged and kicked. The only accomplishment that she was capable of achieving was losing her panties from about her ankle.

Introduction to Spanking Exploration, by A.M. (March 31, 2017)

Ron gave Leslie a firm swat with the brush on her right cheek and then on her left one. SWAT! "How dare you not tell me what to expect today." WHACK!.. SMACK!.. WHACK!.. SWAT! "I hope you are learning something today young lady. I will not tolerate, you keeping me in the dark about something like this." SWAT!.. WHACK!.. CRACK!.. "How do you feel being across my lap getting your bare ass spanked in front of all these people?" Swat!.. WHACK!.. CRACK!.. Leslie sobbed and kicked the air with each crack of the brush. "I feel funny having you across my lap with these other people watching your ass get redder and redder." He gave her thirty whacks with the brush before he put it down and began to softly rub her scarlet behind. A dollop of lotion was rubbed into her sore throbbing seat before Leslie got off his lap.

Irene, by C. Flint (March 31, 2017)

Irene paused for a moment then cringed. There was only one corner she ever had to stand in. It was in the basement. Dark and dirty with a small square of white concrete cleared next to the furnace. A small, empty space on a floor cluttered with the broken and discarded objects that had accumulated over the years. There were spiders in the basement, spinning their nasty webs on the naked pipes. In her childhood fears there were worse things; unnamed horrors lurking in the dark shadows just waiting for a small girl they could devour. Even when she was older and knew better than to believe in monsters, the basement was the pit of her nightmares. She cried and pleaded each time she was sentenced to stand in silent penance in the musty squalor. She protested but she was careful not to protest too much. When her cries exasperated her father he would switch the light off as he left multiplying her torture by adding darkness to the other terrors.

Larry's Dream Come True, by Chuck Wilson (March 27, 2017)

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! The ruler suddenly rose and fell in rapid succession on each glowing orb and then across the crack, bringing ever sharper squeals from Amy. Then Larry began a more steady assault and her entire spanking area gradually became a deeper shade of red.
Linda watched in astonishment as her sister's nude buttocks absorbed spank after spank from the ruler. They bounced wildly over Larry's lap and, if Amy had managed to get some enjoyment out of the earlier portion of her punishment, she certainly showed no signs of it at that point. The cheeks were clenched tightly and the once well_defined crevice had become a narrow aperture.
Still the spanking continued. Larry had waited a long time for this opportunity and he likely would never get the chance again. But, as he saw portions of the skin mottling and a few blisters being produced, he eased up on the force of the smacks and concentrated on the less inflamed parts.

Lianne, by Helier (March 27, 2017)

Lianne suddenly felt the embarrassment wash over her. The feeling was delicious, like a well of energy and she wanted to draw it out and make it last. She was supposed to feel ashamed and the more ashamed she felt, the better everyone would like it. There was a feeling of luxury about that.

"Couldn't I be given another chance," she whispered. "Couldn't there be some other way. Please, Sir. It's so embarrassing to have to take my panties down like a little girl."

Hot Date, by Greg Lerridence (March 25, 2017)

"That's right, Janice," I said, drawing the strap through my fingers. "I'm afraid you're in for a spanking regardless. You can get it from me or you can get it from your father. Just remember two things. If you get it from me, you get to go to the dance. And your father's a lot bigger and a whole lot stronger than I am. It's up to you, Janice. But I sure know what I'd do in your shoes."

Janice looked pleasingly at me and pleasingly at her mother and couldn't bear to look at her younger sister at all. Then, with a helpless shrug, and in a voice so halting and diminutive I could hardly hear her, she turned to me and said, "I guess ... would it be okay if ... "(a sigh and a deep breath)" ... could I get my spanking from you?"

Impropriety, by A.J. Wilshire (March 25, 2017)

And when the hairbrush smacked down hard on her bare bottom, her crying became more urgent, more insistent. It took only a few more smacks for her crying to get so excited that she was unintelligible. Every once in awhile she tried to catch her breath and actually say something, but that hairbrush kept smack-cracking down and she would lose it all over again. Except she was usually able to get out "Daddy." There was a lot of "Daddy" going on.

While she may be dressed like a six year old and take a spanking like a six year old, there was no doubt that the female across my lap was a full grown woman, with lovely, kicking legs and a glorious bottom in mid-spanking.

A Hot Lunch Date, by Barbie (March 20, 2017)

How I wished I hadn't written that stupid letter. If only I had just not mailed it. Written it and dropped it in the drawer of my desk. Why had I mailed it? Because I was mad. Hugh's support had always been so positive. I expected praise from him. I had felt betrayed. Unfortunately he was right, his points had been valid and only constructive. I had to learn to take criticism. But not like this, not over Hugh's knee.

Why did he have to be so right about everything? I hated that too. He knew exactly what I would do if he let me,let our friendship fade. He knew me too well. But not as well as he thought--if he thought that I was going to accept a spanking and remain his friend,he had another think coming. I would never get over if he really spanked me. The idea of the humiliation of that was too much for me.

What In-Laws Are For, by G.R.M. (March 20, 2017)

The hairbrush landed with a loud SPLATT on her right bottom cheek. WHACK! on the left buttock.

"Plllease," she moaned, "Not so hard!"

Ned ignored this and then the spanking commenced in earnest. WHAPP! CRACK! SPLATT! WACK! CRACK! over both cheeks of Nancy's wiggling, wagging bottom.

Nancy squirmed and cried, kicked her legs---but could not escape the avenging hairbrush, Finally, as her bottom turned from a deep shade of pink to a deep scarlet, she could hold it back no longer. The tears rolled down her face on to the den carpet.

French Lessons, by M.D. (March 17, 2017)

She struggled desperately now, a thrashing tigress, her poor bottom aflame. Tears burst from her pretty blue eyes, running in rivulets down her face.

At first the threats of a spanking, then its actuality had primarily evoked emotions of embarrassment and humiliation in Karyn. A grown woman being spanked like a schoolgirl for ignoring her lessons! But now feelings of embarrassment had abandoned her, only the searing pain in her buttocks mattered, a pain increased and intensified with each application of the male palm rising and descending above her. SPANK!...SPANK! SPANK! ...SPANK! SPANK! SPA...N...K!! SPANK! SPANK!...SPANK!! SPANK! SPAN...KK!! She squirmed and twisted her hips trying desperately, unsuccessfully to avoid the punishing slaps to her backside.

Girl on the Hood, by Jamie Phillips (March 17, 2017)

We both watched the parking lot expectantly; me so I could start again, she so her ordeal would soon end. Finally a head peered around the corner, Beth! I was pleased. From where she was standing, she would be able to see Trish's black hair, her bare shoulders, and, rising behind my forearm, Trish's almost naked backside. Beth would also see, and hear, each spank as it landed on her friend's behind. I smiled and ran my thumb up the back of Trish's left thigh and my fingers up the back of her right thigh. Her skin fluttered at my touch and her buttocks trembled.

The Garage Apartment, by DyAnne (March 13, 2017)

Alicia was protesting as the first spank fell. It was tentative and I took Carrie's arm and showed her how to deliver the spanks. Alicia was soon kicking and squirming under the blows, her hips wiggling from side to side as she tried to avoid the blows. Carrie's face was intent as she watched her mother's ass turn red and quiver under the rain of spanks.

When Alicia started crying instead of cursing, I told Carrie to give her five more , then to let her up. As Alicia stood there, rubbing her glowing red bottom, I told her that she was grounded for the next month and could only go to work and home. I told her that Carrie and I would do the shopping and whatever else needed to be done.

Not a Ghost of a Chance, by Megan (March 13, 2017)

"Stop! I won't hold still! I won't! You can't make me!" Natalie cried. Her bottom stung. She vaguely remembered the times across Eric's knees, she wouldn't have dared yell at him this way. Meekly, she would have raised her own skirt, and lowered her panties. While she would have cried before he stopped, she would have thanked him, oh, so very sincerely, when it was over. Eric's spankings were given out of love. She knew it, deep down, really knew it. He had made her feel cherished. Why Kevin was doing this, she didn't know.

Kevin's large hand stinging down on her bottom focused her mind on the present. "OW! Enough! Enough!" She wiggled and squirmed and howled. He could stop her bottom from dodging those horrid swats, but he couldn't stop her mouth from protesting And protest she did. She was mad and he was going to know it. And it hurt. Oh, she had forgotten how much a hard male hand on her sensitive bottom hurt.

Elena of Oak Hall, by Alexia (March 10, 2017)

Elena bent over and held the left edge of the chair, then lowered herself across the man's lap. She inched forward, positioning her bottom so that it was at the best angle to receive the licks. Her toes just barely reached the floor. Her hands were planted on the thick carpeting. The dark hair cascaded down around her face, and as she reached around to sweep it to one side of her head, she felt her skirt lift up. It was folded back to her waist, exposing the round, fullness of her arched backside.

She glanced to her right. The Director was still watching. Then she felt Denis' weight shift beneath her as he got a secure grip on her waist with his left hand, and raised the paddle in his right. She dropped her head and closed her eyes.

Equal Treatment Under the Cane, by A.L. Purvis (March 10, 2017)

She couldn't look at the man who had whipped her into this frenzy. She felt her blush rising again, but she couldn't stop herself from giving little hoots whenever a thrilling throb tweaked her. Did he know? He had to hear her hooting. Could he see? How could she gracefully get out of here?

She faced away from him as she slithered off the spanking chair and stumbled around kneading the welts on her bottom. Better if he sees her nether cheeks with the horizontal stripes on them than her facial cheeks with the vertical tear streaks marring her looks and giving her the appearance of a soundly spanked grade school girl.

He cleared his throat.

Spanking in Fantasy Land, by A.W. (March 6, 2017)

"What protection are you talking about?" I asked, not really getting the point myself but indeed curious.

"I mean silly, that you can paddle us across our panties," the half smile returning.

As the word "panties" registered, you have knocked me over with a whisper; I was that unprepared for such a response! Trying to fake making an actual decision, I gazed out an open window, hoping my excitement would not show. Knowing I'd just stumbled onto a no lose situation, I accepted their offer, producing the chosen instrument of correction from its hiding place.

Fire and Ice, by E. Finn (March 6, 2017)

The jig was up. Heaving a huge sigh, Heather did as bid, allowing Don to slip her panties down to join her other garments at mid-thigh. She clenched her bottom muscles tightly. Her rump was getting chilly. She could feel snow flakes landing back there. "Shit," she muttered to herself, "I'll probably catch my death."

Don adored his wife's bottom. Not that he had anything against her breasts, which were nicely shaped and in no need of a bra, nor her legs, long and slim, but he was a bottom man. Never had it looked more appealing than now, round and firm and slightly damp. He decided to start with a little smack-bottom to focus her attention. He wanted to impress upon her the seriousness of her action. She was more concerned with where she was than with what was happening. He intended to alter that. Besides, smack-bottoms are fun.

Smack. Smack. Whack. Smack.

Going Steady, by Barbie (March 3, 2017)

Uncle Grant left her to "get ready." Getting ready for the hairbrush meant that she got into her pajamas and stood in the corner with her bottom bare for about half an hour. Barbie struggled out of the jeans and thankfully stuffed her pretty panties into the back of her lingerie drawer. Once in her pajamas, she picked up the hairbrush. She was supposed to hold its smooth oval surface against her bottom as she stood waiting but this time she threw the nasty thing on the bed.

"Seven spankings! Seven!" She stomped her feet as she headed toward the corner. She pulled her pajama panties down to her knees and then let her hands go back to rub her bottom. She hated the hairbrush. It hurt forever and ever. She fumed. Why couldn't Uncle Grant understand about boys? She was supposed to have boyfriends. Lots of the other girls did. Everyone expected a girl to have boyfriends. It was bad enough that she got good grades, if she couldn't have a boyfriend everyone would think she was like Emmy Lou Parkins. Emmy Lou wore funnier clothes than Uncle Grant liked. They called Emmy Lou "The Brain." Kids weren't being nice either. Barbie was very careful not to advertise her brain at college. Uncle Grant was the only one who saw her report card. He appreciated "A's".

Not So Happy Days, by C.J. West (March 3, 2017)

Not only was Howard not convinced, he became more angry.

"Young lady," he said, pulling his daughter to her feet, "show some control. K.C., who is younger than you, accepted her punishment with maturity and here you are, crying like a baby. Now, either you come over here right now and get across my lap or I'll invite K.C. in here to watch you get spanked."

Joanie's body went stiff. A spanking would be awful. But a spanking in front of someone else would be unbearable. She felt herself being guided toward the bed and, after her father had seated himself, pulled forward across his lap. When her nose stopped just inches from the floor she knew she was in position.

A Doctor's Medicine, by Tom (February 27, 2017)

When the doctor paused again and waited for Judy to calm down a bit, he looked over to the head nurse and asked her if the other two nurses to whom Judy was so rude were on duty. The head nurse said that they were and the doctor then asked her to go and get them and bring them to the room. Judy was too preoccupied with the smarting burn in her bottom to hear the doctor's instructions and did not notice the head nurse leaving the room. While the head nurse was gone the doctor took the time to talk to Judy in a firm but fatherly manner. He told Judy that she was really acting like a baby rather than an eighteen year old young lady and that the paddling he had given her so far was hardly such that would warrant all her carrying on. "You know, Judy, I have two daughters of my own, one almost as old as you are. They both answer to this paddle when they misbehave themselves. And, believe, they get it just as hard as you are getting it this afternoon."

A Doctor's Debt, by Ken Harding (February 27, 2017)

A second spank followed on the other cheek. Then there followed a still longer pause, while he contemplated the mobility of her bottom muscles, the racing, tremoring flections in her shapely thighs and the tightening of her calf muscles. There was no doubt that Sheila Evans was exquisitely sensitive, and the heightening anguish of shame and humiliation at her exposure and that being treated like a child in this way intensified all the fluid mobility of her voluptuous young body.

The long delay which now ensued after the first two spanks gave Sheila Evans abundant opportunity to be aware of her reactions both physically and psychologically; the permeating sting seemed to encompass both cheeks of her quivering, tensing, buttocks, spreading even down to her thighs and into her loins. But the sensation of shame was paramount, knowing that she was exposed in this semi-clad condition in the most childish pose across the lap of a man old enough to be her father and who was, in effect, assuming the role of surrogate father by doling out to her this her very first corporal chastisement.

Fair's Fair, by E. Finn (February 24, 2017)

Barb caught her breath at the fascinating sounds emanating from the bedroom. Obviously, the old brush still packed its old wallop. Also, the frantic desperation already being expressed in Kim's whoops and yelps indicated that either she had an unusually tender bottom, or Jack was an extremely able disciplinarian. Barb presumed the former, since Kim's sassy rear end had been spared the rigors of such chastisement for way too long. Besides, Jack did not strike her as especially strict or enthusiastic regarding spanking. Hopefully this little session would rekindle his appreciation for the salutary effect of such punishment. There is no better method for correcting a naughty young lady's misbehavior.

The Family, by Mark Stiles (February 24, 2017)

And then it began. A loud “oh, please” as he took her across his knees; a grumbled scolding as he positioned her so that her upturned behind was in the perfect position for him to minister to her; a final few high pitched whines as she begged stridently for leniency. At times like this her entreaties would change from “please don’t spank me” to “please, not too hard”; the change indicative of her resignation that she was, indeed, going to be punished...and this day was no exception. And then the first several spanks rang out like pistol shots....SMACK, CRACK, SMACK, SMACK; accompanied by some loud squeals as she felt the burn and the sting. Dad has a strong right arm and he smacked that hairbrush onto the upturned flesh with a snap of the wrist that rendered the spanks nearly unbearable. But bear it she must. Again and again the hairbrush snapped down to the accompaniment of Mom’s squeals and squeaks and cries. Though I had never seen Mom’s bare behind, I could picture it squirming and twisting, her legs constrained by her downpulled pants and underpants, turning pink and then red as the unforgiving hairbrush smacked down again and again and again. As always, Dad showed no compassion as he spanked; seeing to it that every inch of squirming, huddling behind received many, many visits from the punishing hairbrush. Mom was kicking and crying and lunging and writhing as he calmly, coldly taught her the meaning of punishment and discipline in his household. On and on he proceeded, scolding and spanking and lighting Mom’s behind on fire; correcting her and taking her to task for having displeased him.

In Need of Discipline, by Uncle George (February 20, 2017)

I ignored her pleadings and protestations and got on with the job of administering what I thought was a reasonable spanking. I covered every inch of Bonnie's behind and before twenty slaps had landed, Bonnie was no longer protesting. She remained quietly over my knee, accepting whatever punishment came her way. She didn't make any attempt to cover her behind, even though her right hand was free to try if she wanted. After about thirty slaps or so, she was involuntarily clenching her bottom cheeks with each spank, and even kicking her legs occassionally. I continued to rain the spanks down on the girl's blue-jean-covered bottom and after about forty-five slaps, Bonnie looked back over her left shoulder at me. "How many...(spank)... am I getting... (spank) OUCH! ... Jason?" she asked.

Elaine's Deja Vu All Over Again, by Millicent's Friend (February 20, 2017)

Dear Diary, if I was blushing from embarrassment over my carelessness, I turned positively crimson at this point. I knew full well how Headmaster Smith had punished miscreants in his school, and, if the truth be known, I had felt similar punishment more than once in my own school years. But I was too old to be treated that way.

"Milicent, I see that you are blushing deeply. As I said, you may well wish to end your employment at the library rather than accept my terms. However, if you wish to stay at the library, you must accept them. I believe you know what I mean by punish you like a schoolgirl?"

Denise Learns Her Lesson, by Don Barton (February 17, 2017)

And with her confidence somewhat shaken, Denise had only her desperate need of passing the test to help guide her through her dishonest deed. And with a final push of resolve - and an unfortunate lack of honesty - she took her captivating, cold-blue eyes off her test and looked up to see what Mr. Mitchell was doing. And smiling happily, she saw that he was reading a magazine. She then panned the classroom, and she saw that all of her classmates were paying attention to their test. And with that, she slowly leaned her body slightly to the right - quickly feeling her femininely curved, right bottom cheek press into her chair as she shifted her weight to the right - and cocked her head to the right, directly toward the test paper on Karen Caldwell's desk, then she brushed her light-brown hair out of the way, directed her eyes at Karen's test paper and cautiously began to copy the girl's answers.

Private Detective, by Jay Ellis (February 17, 2017)

Toni cuddled up even closer and Tom's ear. "Do that again and I'II you like me and I do right place and it is this time bit hard on wallop your bottom for you."

She smiled, got off his lap, and waltzed around the room, got behind him and bit him on the other ear. "That does it," he said angrily, grabbing her, pulling her to him and across his lap as she sprawled there helplessly. She tried to resist, but he was too strong for her. It didn't take long to bare her rear. She frantically attempted to escape but all of a sudden the slap came down and she squealed in surprised anger and pain.

Brenda's Desperate Need, by Don Barton (February 14, 2017)

"Well, umm, yes sir," Brenda answered. "See, I know I'm supposed to be behave. It's just that I don't seem to be able to behave, and I think the reason is because I haven't been spanked for a long time. Years ago, when my parents were still giving me spankings, it was like the spanking gave me the power to behave, or at least made me regret misbehaving. But because I haven't been spanked since I was thirteen, I've really changed a lot. And, well, I don't really like who I've become," Brenda told her teacher. "And it's not just that, but I need to feel the security that comes with a spanking... how it showed me that my parents loved me. But since my last spanking was so long ago I guess it makes me wonder if they still love me," she said.

"Well, I can understand how that might bother you, Brenda," Mr. Johnson said, "but I'm sure your parents love you. Like some parents, they've probably just gotten the idea that there's supposed to be some sort of age-limit with spanking, that's all," he told her.

Assistant Means Assistant, by Victoria (February 14, 2017)

Abby smiled at the striped bottom that squirmed under her gaze. Richard was being gotten to this way. She had read some kind of kinky magazine that she had found in a movie seat the week before and it had seemed a very good idea for a way to handle Richard. She thought that it just might get his attention. She had been concerned with ever doing anything with him. The other two managers who had tried to help him had told her that she was wasting her time. However, Abby always liked a challenge but she always wanted to win. She wasn't going to allow Richard to fail. No matter how many times she had to whip his ass.

Bob's Your Uncle, Part Two, by Alan O. (February 10, 2017)

"Let me tell you what I think," Bob spoke in a low level tone now, making Melissa stifle her crying somewhat so she could hear him. "I think that you read my ad and have been wondering about it, maybe doing a certain amount of fantasizing about it, since then. And last night you allowed yourself, maybe almost unconsciously, to get out of control to the point that when you had gotten yourself well and truly into trouble, you called me hoping I'd supply the discipline you so obviously lack on your own. "Which," he went on, as the girl raised her head and looked over at him, "is something I'm entirely prepared to do, because it's obvious to me that you need it. No well brought up young lady would have allowed herself to behave as you did last night and as you said when you called, you've been real bad.

Spanking the Boss, by Taylor Moore (February 10, 2017)

He growled and chewed on one breast, then slapped his hand down on her ass. She cried out, and seemed to move even more feverishly. Again his hand slapped down on her behind. Again she cried out.

He spanked faster and harder, and she kept riding desperately, panting for breath as she bounced atop him. She shuddered then, arching her back, her small breasts thrusting out tautly as her pussy spasmed around his cock. Her eyes closed and she warbled a long, low moan of ecstasy, grinding her behind against his thighs.

Bob's Your Uncle, Part One, by Alan O. (February 6, 2017)

"You know Daddy'll say I deserve a spanking, even though I'm not a little girl anymore, I'm...twenty two," Melissa caught his eye as she faltered a little over this.

Bob almost chuckled at the obvious lie. She might have had identification that made it possible for her to go into a bar and drink herself into this state, but she was no twenty two. Hell, she was the most obvious piece of jailbait he'd had the misfortune to encounter since he couldn't remember when (and he was willing to bet the officers knew it too, but they would be content to see her taken in charge of a responsible citizen they assumed was her uncle). Dammit, what was he getting himself in for? He asked again, before saying, "And you know good and well you'd get a spanking from your dad, don't you? The trouble is, he's not here. I am. And I think it's time I took my responsibilities as your uncle a bit more seriously."

Bottom's Up, a Cowgirl Fantasy, by A.L. Purvis (February 6, 2017)

When Dot whacked her rump with the flat side of a metal yard stick, it cracked like a rifle shot and Nancy bellowed and bucked the table about two feet. "You can't take things that don't belong to you," Dot lectured. Nancy shook and blubbered and the tears dripping off her chin made a puddle on the table. Dot whacked her five more times and admonished her between each whack. Nancy bucked the table all over the back of the store. It was all Karen and I could do to hold her down. She bawled like a branded calf each time the yard stick cracked across her ass. When we let her up, Nancy danced around the store howling like a bitch wolf in heat and rubbing her hips with both hands. I was thinking that if Nancy got caught shop lifting back East a whole army of do_gooders would work on her case for a couple of years and in the end they would have less effect on her future behavior than little Dot did with six strokes of the yard stick. When Nancy stopped waving her bare breasts all around the room, she got back into her baggy old house dress and ran out of the store a changed woman.

Blushing Bride, by Juliette (February 3, 2017)

Soon she was moaning and thrusting slightly against him. It was never like this when her father had spanked her. Sure he was aware of her wetness, she moaned again.

Mark paused for a moment and rested his hand on Taylor’s bare, red bottom. His breathing came in short, shallow gasps. If she kept moving against him like that he would surely lose it. He ran his hand seductively around her skin, slipping his fingers down between her cheeks. He could hear her breathing hard.

“Taylor,” he began as he continued to caress her bare skin. “The spanking would normally be over now. But this one is not. There are two reasons why I’m going to continue. The first is that you disobeyed me when I asked you to come here. I had to get up from the chair to pull you over my lap. I expect in the future you will move when I tell you to.” She nodded, lost in the sensations he had, and was, creating in her bottom.

The Board of Education, by A.B. (February 3, 2017)

“No, I suppose it isn't `rocket science.' But the fact remains that Miss MacNeill knew what she was supposed to be doing and you apparently didn't.'' From the look on Linda's face, she was about to protest indignantly but suddenly thought better of it. ``Not that she succeeded in doing it,'' the principal went on, sinking Fiona's suddenly rising hope of getting off. ``You were both responsible for preventing anyone in a drugged or drunken condition from being admitted to the dance, as were those two wretched students at the door. All four of you have failed in your responsibilities, and you will all have to answer for it. I will speak to you two young women in my office at five o'clock Monday afternoon. Is that clear?''

Angie, Sandy and the Shrink, by Jack Kennedy (January 30, 2017)

The last spanking I got wasn't from my father. It was from Bob about a year ago. Bob's parents were shopping and we were using his pool. I had just picked up this bathing suit which is real cute, but slightly smaller than the twenty dollar bill I paid for it. It must have given Bob ideas because he started chasing me around the pool. He almost got me when he pulled me over his lap on the diving board, but I wiggled loose and jumped in the water. As I jumped I felt his hand grab for me and the next thing I knew, I was halfway up the pool and Bob was holding on to the lower half of my bathing suit. He jumped in after me but I reached the other end, and I ran into the den, locking the sliding glass door behind me. I admit I started making faces at him through the glass and I was jumping up and down taunting him. I, guess • he took it as a challenge to his manhood and rose to the least part of him did.

A Birthday Spanking, by Alan O. (January 30, 2017)

As the minutes passed, the young woman became increasingly nervous. Absentmindedly, she toyed with the hem of her dress; her belt; her wrist watch - this last a painful reminder, being last year's birthday gift from her mother and father. She became increasingly upset with herself. Several times she slapped her right hand to her forehead and shook her head as if to say, "Oh, no... What did I do!?" Her behavior had been disgraceful, even scandalous; and there was simply no excuse for it. How could her parents ever forgive her? How could she ever forgive herself!? She remembered how disappointed her mother had sounded when she had first called to cancel her visit. But it was the mother who tried to make the daughter feel better. "Don't worry, sweetheart," she had said, "your work comes first. There is absolutely no reason for you to feel guilty about this." From that moment Peggy felt like a cruel ingrate, and now she had to live with the lie that would not go away.

The Advantages of Being Rich, Part Two, by B.C. & Wife (January 27, 2017)

He sat on the chair. "You will promise anything to save your ass from the whipping that you so richly deserve," he told her, as he took hold of her arm and put her back over his knee. "But you aren't getting out of this whipping. You have needed this for a long time and this afternoon it's time that you finally get what you have coming. I'm going to cover your whole cute ass with very hot welts. You are going to be standing up for a long time, you damn brat." He raised the switch and bent his wrist back as far as it would reach. As he brought it down on that fine round ass he flicked his wrist forward just at the end of the stroke. The flexible switch wrapped around her round ass and drew a thin white line across the bright red surface. The brat screamed and kicked. As the first welt turned dark red and swelled up he lay the next right along side of it. She screamed.

For Whom the Bell Tolls, by Barbie (January 27, 2017)

Sometimes walking up to a spanking was like meeting the end. This was one of those times. Trepidation. Consternation. Anxiety. All those feelings were chasing about in her stomach. Her body was at war. Fearful, frightful imaginings about being spanked were flooding her depths at the same time her mind was floating free and soaring into the high heavens of sensuality. There was a reverence and awe--wonder about the fires of life that a spanking produced in her being. The spanking brought her closer and closer to the life she wanted. It gave her glimpses into her soul. Real and unreal met. Unencumbered freedom and license. There were no words.

The Advantages of Being Rich, Part One, by B.C. & Wife (January 23, 2017)

She soon found that spankings came in all sizes in his house. If he was the slightest unsatisfied with her, he would take up her skirt and give her one very hard slap across her panties while she was standing up. This was by far the most common kind of ass-slapping done by him. She was not the only one who was subject to this form of discipline. In fact, all his servants were women and all were spanked when they displeased him.

The Bandit, by Amie (January 23, 2017)

"Nothing doing, Emily. You need a firm hand and somebody to be strict with you to keep you line. If you had someone to keep tabs on you before, you wouldn't have wreaked havoc with our beepers all spring." And with that the first smack landed, followed quickly by another, then another. Soon his hand was spanking me briskly. I was squealing, kicking and pleading but my cries were all wasted. I could feel his determination in every spank. He continued his scolding at intervals but all I could really focus on was the heat in my bottom. "Are you learning anything? Do you think you'll ever beep me or anyone else again?"

Uncle Arnold, Part Three-The House Call, by Al Purvis (January 20, 2017)

Amelia swallowed enough of her own grief to sympathize with her mother, whom she hated seeing suffer. Amelia ached along with Janet; she know exactly how much that damned plastic brush hurt. She wished Arnold had spanked her mother first. This way Amelia felt she was getting it twice.

When Arnold had thoroughly smitten Janet hip and thigh, and her backside was the same blazing crimson as Amelia's, he helped her up. She mimicked Amelia in every detail. The towel she had had on her head lay in the tub with Amelia's former turban. Her long damp hair hung in front of her face, being blow-dried by her bawling breaths, and her body towel now hung from her wrists across the small of her back. She made no effort to cover her full frontal nudity as she gyrated slowly and gingerly rubbed her red rump. Amelia finally took one hand away from her own sizzling seat and turned her mother, and herself, away from Arnold.

Facing the mirror, Amelia noticed Arnold was looking at their naked bottoms. Amelia also noticed that one of the cotton balls was stuck to the mirror.

Ava Learns to Spell....Definitely, by Papa (January 20, 2017)

My scolding is finally complete. UT...Oh... he is reaching for the paddle. The fact that it was purchased especially for me does not impress me at all. Funny, he thought it would, but the honor is definitely lost on me. The heft is quite evident even from its resting place...on top of my buttocks. I expected he has placed it there for the very purpose of letting me know how efficient an implement it is.

The sudden lifting of its weight signals his intention to begin in earnest. A peak over my shoulder confirms it, the red rubber monster is raised over my extremely vulnerable hindquarters, preparing to strike.

Uncle Arnold, Part Two-The House Mate, by Al Purvis (January 16, 2017)

Since that humiliating hairbrush day, the only mention of someone getting a spanking was at Amelia's nineteenth birthday party. Arnold and Janet stopped by the family room on their way to dinner and found Amelia and her friends having a good time. Janet asked, "So who is going to spank the birthday girl?" "Mo-ther," Amelia gasped. Arnold interceded, "Come on Janet, Amelia's much too old for a spanking." Amelia energetically agreed. Janet decided not to disagree when she felt Arnold's powerful hand grip her upper arm and she remembered her own birthday was coming up in less than a month. Arnold had already demonstrated that what's sauce for the gosling is sauce for the goose.

Ava Gets a Licking, by Ida (January 16, 2017)

He waited until she had regained a measure of control before speaking. "As I didn't warn you beforehand I am going to overlook this breech of procedures. I am being generous, Ava,you know perfectly well that leaving a prescribed position negates the spank. If you leave the position again the stroke won't count. Ava, pick up the pillow and return to where you belong and get yourself back over that stool."

Uncle Arnold, Part One-The House Guest, by Al Purvis (January 13, 2017)

Then, on a Saturday, things took a turn for the worse. Arnold returned from a shopping trip, parked the car at the curb, and heard his hostesses berating at each other as soon as he got out of the car. He couldn't make out what they were yelling about, but he heard "BY GOD" several times and knew that voice must be Janet's. The other voice, obviously Amelia's, was punctuated with the word "BITCH!" He followed the shouting to the master bedroom and as he approached the open bedroom door he heard Amelia shriek: "you stupid BITCH!" "That's it," Janet announced in reply. When Arnold reached the door Amelia's tone had changed abruptly and the scene stopped him in his tracks. Janet was sitting on the bed with Amelia over her lap and was tugging down her daughter's shorts and panties.

Authority, by A.B. (January 13, 2017)

Inman nodded. “Then come around here to my right, please, and kneel here.” She hesitated. “Now!” he added sharply. She stepped forward, looking startled but slightly confused. Inman took her wrist gently and guided her until she knelt upright on the sofa cushion to his right, facing him. “All right. Now take down your tights and underpants.” Blushing fiercely, she fumbled under her skirt. “All the way down, to your knees or thereabouts,” he added. Finally she withdrew her hands and let them fall nervously at her sides. “Good. Lie forward, across my knee.” She wouldn’t plead, though her look told him how badly she wanted to. They were always like this when the crisis came. The rollercoaster got to the top of the height, and suddenly they’d give anything to be somewhere else. But the spanking, at this point, was as inevitable as the roaring, dizzying, stomach-churning descent of the rollercoaster.

Jessica, Two: Tiffany, by C. Flint (January 9, 2017)

I felt as foolish sitting in Dr. Lewis' office listening to the MRI report confirming the diagnosis of a torn rotator cuff as I had two days before when I felt my feet slip out from under me on the wet pavement. As visions of surgery danced in my head, I protectively put my left hand on the bicep of my right arm as it hung painfully at my side.

The doctor soothed my fears telling me that, with traumatic injuries, physical therapy was tried first. He made a telephone call and handed me a manila folder and directed me to another doctor. The sign on her door read "West Side Rehabilitation Center," and, in smaller letter, "Jessica Moyer, M.D."

Angie and Trisha, by Dyane (January 9, 2017)

Kyle Donovan headed toward his office. He wondered if Ms Corman was waiting for him. He grimaced in anger. He knew that the test he had given that afternoon hadn’t been that hard and yet he had seen Ms Corman looking at her neighbor’s test and copying the answers. He had even compared the two papers after class. They both had the same answers, both right and wrong. He knew who was at fault. He had seen the other student, Mr. Stevens, give Ms Corman a dirty look when he noticed her looking at his test paper. Kyle had no intention of punishing the innocent, just the guilty.

Jessica: Amber, by C. Flint (January 6, 2017)

Amber sprawled helpless in that embarrassing position. Her arms were fastened behind her back and her spread legs hung limp, the toes of her high-heeled shoes several inches from the floor. Amber's bare mound was pressed hard against my legs. I could feel a wet smear from her juices seep through my bluejeans.

Unsure of what to do I stared down at Amber's naked backside laying submissively over my lap. I looked down at her taut backside and the bright red letters emblazoned across the flesh. It was both an invitation and an instruction; it was almost a demand. Even spread over my lap her bottom seemed small. The white globes were round and hard with a wide crevice between them emphasized by the way her legs were spread. There was a dark ravine between her buttocks that displayed the brown circle of her anus and the shaven lips of her vagina. The flesh was smooth and white as though it had been polished for the occasion; it was not even disfigured by goosebumps. I held Amber in place and looked up at Kenny.

Angie and Trisha, by Dyane (January 6, 2017)

Trisha explained about their spanking games and how it turned them both on. The lady looked thoughtful as she called her partner to bring Alex back into the apartment. Trisha immediately went over to Alex, who put his arm around her shoulders and asked her if she was ok. Trisha put her arm around his waist and said she was fine. She looked up at him and said that she had deserved it.

They assured the officers that there was not going to be any more yelling that night and all was well. The officers left, saying that if Trisha changed her mind, she could still press charges.

Alaskan Sanking Survey, by Bluebeard (January 2, 2017)

I'm a 36-year-old female school teacher in an all-girl, all-grades Alaskan rural school. As you might expect, many things here are different than in the lower 48 states and one of them is the continued widespread use of spanking. Before I go any further, I guess I should reveal my personal bias. I'm a longtime spanking enthusiast. I believe in the old fashioned, "bottoms up" treatment for naughty girls and misbehaving women (myself included) and also when used for sexual foreplay (me again).

I have always been interested in the spanking experiences of friends and strangers, and find that many others share this fascination. Last winter, to pass the many dreary, sunless days -- and with assistance from a small tape recorder -- I conducted a formal "spanking survey" among a number of adult women and female students -- and I think you'll find the answers of great interest.

The Agreement, Part Two, by Uncle George (January 2, 2017)

My relationship with Jane, my wife of ten years is based on the firm and positive belief held by both of us, that within the structure of our marriage one person has to be responsible for giving the orders, and making the decisions. By mutual agreement, that person is me. My wife, Jane, carries out the orders, and assists by giving valuable input into the decision making process. I set the standards for her behavior and when she falls short of what is expected of her, for any reason, then I have the right to apply my hand, a paddle, or a strap to her bare behind. I have done this literally hundreds of times over the years, and neither Jane nor I would change it. Our lives are exactly the way we want them to be. We have three kids and when one of them earns it, they are treated to a session, pants down, and bare bum turned over mommy's knee. Usually dad sits and watches the proceedings. They do not know about mommy getting spanked by daddy, since when it happens, it takes place in the sound-proofed confines of daddy's den in the basement.

A New Kind of Adult Ed, by Alexia (December 30, 2016)

Her dorm mates, all nine of them, were present, and her instructor Denny was making no attempt to keep his words private. When he first came in and strode down the line of cots with determination in his eyes, Sandy stood up in deference to him. So did the others, but he had only her in mind and soon enough the other girls returned to what they were doing. But all ears were on him as he verbally chastised her, by calling her a spoiled and willful little girl in need of some good, old-fashioned, discipline to teach her to mind her manners. Sandy was aghast that he spoke to her that way in front of the others. After all, she was their acknowledged leader and had some dignity to maintain, even if she did grant him the right to point out her shortcomings in private, Yes, she did refuse some direct orders from certain instructors, and she was slow in obeying others, and she knew full well that her arrogance had gotten out of hand on more than one occasion, but he had brought these matters up calmly, and in private she would have done her best to correct herself. After all, hadn't she done so on other occasions in the past week?

The Agreement, by Uncle George (December 30, 2016)

When a person takes the big step and decides to get married, there are understandable problems and worries. The biggest of these is that he/she may be making one of the worst mistakes that a person can make in this lifetime. You see, for me, the act of getting married is to commit yourself to seeing it through, regardless of what comes, for the rest of your life. Those people who wind up in divorce courts can't take the trials and tribulations that marriage almost guarantees. These people don't take their vows seriously, and have an inner weakness that permits them to quit rather than accept the challenges that go along with living with another person. This is, and always shall be, my philosophy about my marriage.

Alexia's Guardian, by Alexia (December 26, 2016)

It took five more minutes of patience for her to answer my question. "Please sir, I need to be spanked on my bare bottom. Would you take me over your knee and wallop me with a ruler for as long as you think necessary? I've been a bitch and need a licking."

Finally I nodded and said yes, I would indeed give her the tanning she asked for and richly earned. "Go to that corner and stand there facing the wall."

She obeyed me meekly, and at my command held up her dress around her waist. I told her to stay put, then left and went upstairs to Alexia, who hugged me fiercely and asked no questions.
"Alexia," I warned gently, quite certain that she would be obedient in this matter, "What is going to happen downstairs is between that woman and me, and I don't want to find out that it's been mentioned outside of this house. Do you understand?"

Allison, by C. Flint (December 26, 2016)

Careful that she was not feigning once more I let her stand erect. Alison assumed the position she always took at this point. She dropped her head as if to demonstrate her sincerity and clasped her hands behind her back so that I could deal with her pants without worrying about her nails. I unfastened her slacks and let them fall to her ankles thankful that I did not have to tug down the skin tight jeans she sometimes wore. Her black lace panties followed almost immediately. I admired my wife's slim body for a moment before I gently bent her over my knee again. Her buns were pi foot to foot her legs pumping each time the switch landed on her tender rear and thighs. As the stripes started to accumulate her gyrations became wilder and wilder. Her legs pumped high as she jumped around. Her free hand gesticulated wildly as she attempted to anticipate where the next blow would fall and protect that spot. She was not successful.

Careless Betty, by Alan (December 23, 2016)

Betty hardly had time to respond. For right after concluding his little speech her father took hold of her arm with one hand, placed his other arm around her shoulder, and in an instant she was being pulled down across his lap. Whatever resistance she put up was merely reflexive and without effect. “Daddy,” she gasped as she suddenly found herself on her dad’s knee. “Daddy, please!”

“Now never mind that, young lady,” scolded her father. “You’ve earned this,” he said as he pulled up her skirt to expose sheer, white panties and bare legs. “You’re going to get a good spanking over my knee.” Turning to his wife he said, “Harriet, please go to the kitchen and get one of your mixing spoons. The wooden ones. You know which ones?”

“Yes, dear,” said Harriet, nodding not only her assent, but also her approval for her husband’s wonderfully decisive action. “I know what you want.”

Big Girls Do Cry, by Barbie (December 23, 2016)

He clamped one leg over hers. She squirmed against him. She felt his hard. It seemed unfair to her that he should get excited about making her cry. Yet, for a second, it was a comfort too to know that in a few hours they would probably make-up in a time honored way. It would be incredibly exciting. It always was. However, first she had to take this spanking. A hard, long spanking that would make her cry and lose every bit of her dignity. For this split second she knew that hate and love were very close to each other. She hated Andy. She hated herself for making this necessary.

Curses! Foiled Again! by Caroline (December 19, 2016)

"Damn him to hell!" she shouted, loud enough for Mr. Fogarty to hear. "Yeah, he paddled me before, and the last time he paddled me, I got ten swats. And you know what?" she continued, her old cockiness and bravado restored, "I don't care what the Old Fart said... it didn't hurt a bit!" She wheeled around to face them all, and when she saw Mr. Fogarty, she had a defiant gleam in her eye.

"It didn't hurt? How did it feel?" asked Danny.
"Better than kissing you, honey..." And she leaned over to kiss Danny Witherspoon right on the lips. She glared at Mr. Fogarty again and ran away. She hated them all!

Corvette, by Z.Z. (December 19, 2016)

It was a warm Saturday afternoon in October and there wasn't much to do. Sally was idly flipping through the channels on the tv but there wasn't much on that was of interest to her so she wandered out to the back porch. She noticed the door to the garage was open.

Inside was the 1979 Corvette that her father was restoring. He had spent the last several months working on it. He just had it repainted and had a new convertible top installed. It was pretty much finished now. 17 year old Sally was fascinated with the car but her father had told her to stay away from it. It was his pride and joy and he didn't want anyone else touching it.

The Cousins, by Alan (December 16, 2016)

And this would be a lesson that Elizabeth Ann wouldn’t forget either. When her father shooed her away, she bounded down the stairway, but only part of the way when she stopped and stood where she could still see up into the hallway. She could hear her mother and her aunt Betty in the kitchen and hoped nobody would see her. She saw her dad disappear into the master bedroom. A minute later she saw him emerge with the hairbrush in hand. “Ohh!” she gasped, and felt her tummy tighten. She knew what the hairbrush was for and that it was just about the worst thing to be spanked with. Not that she had ever had it used on her. Her mom and dad had given her plenty of spankings but had never used the hairbrush on her. Her older sister, Janie, already in college when Elizabeth Ann was only 5, used to get spanked with the hairbrush. Elizabeth Ann was never allowed to watch, but Jane had told her once how bad it hurt. But even if she hadn’t, she could tell from Jane’s frantic and loud screaming and crying just how terrible it was.

Crash and Burn, by Tess (December 16, 2016)

"The Italian Spitfire," murmured Jason, known by the rest of the crew these days as Jigs. He repeated Angelina's new name, one given to her by one of the mindless glory-hunting reporters who was constantly following the act around for interviews. Jigs felt that this new nickname would stick, for it was appropriate enough. He shook his head, tossing the slick magazine to the floor as he stood up. Time to get back to work.

As he made his way down the dim hallway to the stage to check on the progress of the stage crew, he smiled a bit grimly to himself. Wasn't there an airplane called the Spitfire? The word didn't always apply only to sultry beauties of Italian descent, with their flashing eyes and haughtily-tossing mane of black hair. Jigs envisioned a sleek warlike airplane swooping in for a kill (much as Angelina might descend on yet another opportunistic stage hand)---then he enjoyed a fantasy of the airplane falling from the sky to disintegrate on the ground, a molten wreck of fiery shrapnel.

Carrie Got Spanked, Part Two, by Ed Finn (December 12, 2016)

Morning came early for Carrie. Virtually sleepless, she was on edge. Who can blame her? Knowing several days ahead that you're getting a spanking must weigh heavily.

I've never really experienced that. With my folks, it was more like, "I warned you, young lady! You're getting spanked - right now!" Into my parents' bedroom we'd march, pants down, bottom up. Smack! "Ouch!" Smack! "Ouch!" Smack! Smack! "Oww! Ouch!" Smacksmacksmacksmacksmack! "Owwwwwwweeeeee! And so on until...cry, cry, cry and promises to be oh so good. Don't misunderstand, they were good, hard spankings. My folks, especially my dad, are experts at corporally wringing every last vestige of ego and pride from their daughters, whether by hand, hairbrush, or the dreaded razor strap. Maybe sometime I'll write some of my childhood and teenage reminiscences for you. For some reason, I have amazing recall where spanking is involved.

Cassie Lee's New Attitude, by Cassandra (December 12, 2016)

"Yes, baby, all over again. You're going to pull your panties back up, and your skirt back down. You're going to go back out to the table and finish your supper. Then we're going to do the dishes and put the leftovers away, watch Jeopardy, watch the news, neck, make love, whatever. Do what we do. But just before bed," His voice was matter-of-fact and even, low against my ear as He moved in to press His hardening cock against my still-stinging ass. His hands moved up to cup my breasts, and as He kneaded them gently, I could feel myself beginning to get wet.

"I'm going to tell you it's time to get ready for bed. You're going to go to your room, and do what you do to get ready for a spanking. Go to your corner, make that ass naked, and wait for me. Are we clear so far?"

Carrie Got Spanked, Part One, by Ed Finn (December 9, 2016)

Here was my first chance to actually help Carrie. I could have said, "Oh, not really. I think spanking is more for the spanker's benefit. You know, to make him feel like he's doing something. It stings, but only for a little while, then I'm back to normal. Basically a waste of time, I'd say." Granted, a specious argument, one I'd tried on my parents, to no avail. They knew better, so did I, and so did Carrie's father. He was simply looking for a little affirmation of his disciplinary policy. I gave it to him.

Centerfold Stories, by C.J. West (December 9, 2016)

Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Ernie spanked Barbara's bare bottom until it was cherry red. His hand fell harder and more often on her backside than it had on her daughter's. And she was crying even harder than the teenager when she was lifted to her feet. "You two are a disgrace," he scolded. Barbara was almost bouncing around the room, shifting her weight from foot to foot while rubbing her butt with both hands. Elizabeth was also caressing her sore rear end.

Carrie Got Spanked, Part Two, by Ed Finn (December 12, 2016)

Morning came early for Carrie. Virtually sleepless, she was on edge. Who can blame her? Knowing several days ahead that you're getting a spanking must weigh heavily.

I've never really experienced that. With my folks, it was more like, "I warned you, young lady! You're getting spanked - right now!" Into my parents' bedroom we'd march, pants down, bottom up. Smack! "Ouch!" Smack! "Ouch!" Smack! Smack! "Oww! Ouch!" Smacksmacksmacksmacksmack! "Owwwwwwweeeeee! And so on until...cry, cry, cry and promises to be oh so good. Don't misunderstand, they were good, hard spankings. My folks, especially my dad, are experts at corporally wringing every last vestige of ego and pride from their daughters, whether by hand, hairbrush, or the dreaded razor strap. Maybe sometime I'll write some of my childhood and teenage reminiscences for you. For some reason, I have amazing recall where spanking is involved.

Cassie Lee's New Attitude, by Cassandra (December 12, 2016)

"Yes, baby, all over again. You're going to pull your panties back up, and your skirt back down. You're going to go back out to the table and finish your supper. Then we're going to do the dishes and put the leftovers away, watch Jeopardy, watch the news, neck, make love, whatever. Do what we do. But just before bed," His voice was matter-of-fact and even, low against my ear as He moved in to press His hardening cock against my still-stinging ass. His hands moved up to cup my breasts, and as He kneaded them gently, I could feel myself beginning to get wet.

"I'm going to tell you it's time to get ready for bed. You're going to go to your room, and do what you do to get ready for a spanking. Go to your corner, make that ass naked, and wait for me. Are we clear so far?"

Carrie Got Spanked, Part One, by Ed Finn (December 9, 2016)

Here was my first chance to actually help Carrie. I could have said, "Oh, not really. I think spanking is more for the spanker's benefit. You know, to make him feel like he's doing something. It stings, but only for a little while, then I'm back to normal. Basically a waste of time, I'd say." Granted, a specious argument, one I'd tried on my parents, to no avail. They knew better, so did I, and so did Carrie's father. He was simply looking for a little affirmation of his disciplinary policy. I gave it to him.

Centerfold Stories, by C.J. West (December 9, 2016)

Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Ernie spanked Barbara's bare bottom until it was cherry red. His hand fell harder and more often on her backside than it had on her daughter's. And she was crying even harder than the teenager when she was lifted to her feet. "You two are a disgrace," he scolded. Barbara was almost bouncing around the room, shifting her weight from foot to foot while rubbing her butt with both hands. Elizabeth was also caressing her sore rear end.

Charlie Keeps the Upper Hand, by C.J. West (December 5, 2016)

When her dad was the spanker she was bent forward over the back of a chair or if it was in her room, over the bed. He would flip up her skirt or pull down her jeans. But her panties remained in place. Then he would take his belt, folded in quarters, and give her fifteen to twenty lashes across the bottom.

The one exception was the last spanking she got. The family was on vacation and Sabrina had broken her curfew, coming in nearly two hours late. To make things worse, it was not the first time. The following morning her mother scolded her and told her to get to her room. Sabrina resisted. They got into an argument. Unfortunately for the misbehaving teenager, her father was close enough to hear the entire thing.

Chastised Cheerleaders, by Maggie Amberson (December 5, 2016)

"Yee -- Ouch! Oh! Stop it! Please, I --" My free hand flew impulsively to my backside to protect myself from the onslaught. Of course Berkeley just joined it to my other hand, and held them both down with one powerful grip. He squeezed his legs tighter around mine, adjusting me more securely for the punishment. I stared at the floor, and as much as I struggled, I could barely budge an inch, and my bottom was now completely defenseless. I had never been so humiliated in all my life! I was trembling with rage, but I was also red in the face from the worst embarrassment I'd ever known.

All Rise, by Paula (December 2, 2016)

John smoothed her hair and shushed her as if she were a toddler. "Honey, listen to me. The judge and I have talked this out long and hard. Nothing else has worked. You KNOW I have tried to talk to you several times these past weeks, you won't listen." Without thinking, Susan's lower lip began to protrude. John glanced at the judge, who nodded. "Susan, you ARE acting like a defiant kid...won't listen, won't accept the judgments of those who are in a better position that you are right now to see what you are doing---or NOT doing, as the case may be. The judge has convinced me that this is the best method of dealing with this little character flaw of yours." He had maneuvered her to the end of the table, and had his hand on her skirt covered backside. "And as long as we are into disclosure, there is something else you ought to know, darling." She looked up at him, her eyes starting to fill with tears of rage, frustration, and fear. "The judge is giving me the a wedding present."

Amanda, by Ida (December 2, 2016)

The bombardment of her bottom had to be causing her some discomfort but Amanda's moans seemed to contain more pleasure than pain and the wriggling around she did seemed to indicate she was enjoying her spanking a bit more than he intended her to; David decided it was time to escalate the proceedings. He administered a particularly stiff whack to the soft globes. "OUCH, that one really hurt David." "Good, now will you take off your clothes?" Meekly she replied "Yes" and climbed off his lap pausing to rub her bottom a bit before disrobing. Just as she reached for the dress zipper he stopped her, "Wait, I'll do the dress but you take everything else off except the panties, leave those to me." He pulled her to him, pressed his lips to hers in a moist kiss, his hands slid down her body and up again to the back zipper, slowly, tantalizingly, the zipper slipped down. Amanda felt a surge of passionate excitement rush through her. The dress slithered off, David caressed her body, kneading the buttocks through the silky satin panties.

Spanking 101, by Taylor Moore (November 28, 2016)

His hand was spanking her hard, and she was yelping and jerking in response, but both of them knew there was more to this than a spanking. She didn't think he knew she knew though, or at least, she was sure he WASN'T sure.

She did the same trick she had the other night, throwing her right leg wide off his knee while twisting to one side. As before, he caught her, and the feel of his big rough hand cupping her pussy through the thin cotton, his end fingers pressing right up against the soft skin of her inner thighs, made heat gush through her body.

Unconscionable Acts, by Barie (November 28, 2016)

"Nooooo... I'm doing it," Barbie took her time loosening the snap on the waistband of the shorts. It was always embarrassing to take her jeans or shorts off. Always. She hated to stand there in her panties and be scolded before the real punishment. However, this time it was much, much worse. She knew that she wasn't wearing any panties. She had a feeling that Uncle Grant wasn't going to be happy about that little fact. As usual he wouldn't understand that she didn't want the panties to stick out at the bottom of the shorts. She needed some new high cut panties and hadn't gotten them yet. At the moment she wished she had taken the time to get a pair. But who would have thought that Uncle Grant would ever find out what she was doing on a Friday afternoon all the way across town from him. He always seemed to work late on Fridays.

Angela & the Professor, by Alexia (November 25, 2016)

"I'm very disappointed with your work this semester, Angela. You are capable of far better grades if only you'd apply yourself. There is a guest room upstairs, where you could stay while you rewrote the term papers and studied for your exams. I would be pleased to tutor you as necessary, and provide assistance with the work -- if you would like such help. If you stay, you will work harder than you've ever worked before. I'll make sure of it.

"But before you decide, there is the matter of your abominable grades, -- and cheating.” He took the hairbrush in hand and sat down. "Come here, Angela.”

Beware, Angels, by Barbie (November 25, 2016)

"And now, young lady, over my knee," Steve said and watched her crawl over his knee on her own accord. She settled and he placed the paddle down across her cheeks. She squirmed. He rubbed the paddle over her bottom. Then he lifted it and swung. Annie cried out and kicked her legs. He took hold of her waist and held her tightly. She tried to roll from side to side as the paddle went from the base of her cheeks to the top of the curve and back down again. He gave her twenty, good, hard smacks before he stopped to scold. She was gasping and kicking and even crying.

Act of Contrition, by Barbie (November 21, 2016)

"But, Uncle Grant, I'm explaining to you. I have already been suitably punished and absolved from that,” Barbie protested as she stood before Uncle Grant in his office.

"Absolved?” Uncle Grant's eyebrows raised.

"Yes,” Barbie returned, her head nodding so vigorously that her pony tail was bouncing up and down as well as from side to side. She knew that she had him this time. Spankings were a thing of the past. The best day of her life was the day that she and Annie had run into Cathy. "I've been forgiven by God.”

Actions Speak Louder, by Kate (November 21, 2016)

Feeling sorry for herself wasn't a pastime Melissa Grant normally indulged in, nor was drowning such an emotion with one or two drinks too many. She was quietly finishing her third glass of champagne on an empty stomach, however, and her clear, astute grey eyes were shadowed with thoughts she'd suppressed until now as they swept the elegant, lively party her boss and his wife were throwing for her ex-fiance and his new bride-to-be.

It Doesn't Pay to Cheat, by The Sergeant (November 14, 2016)

It all fell apart for both girls when the teacher took their papers, wrote a large "F" on the front of each and said, in a low voice "I want to see both of you when the other students finish testing. Make sure that you are available." Tears glistened in both sets of eyes, but the girls knew better than not to obey and they went out on the recreation field, sitting at a small picnic table, to wait to find out what their fate would be.

Understanding Emma, by Don & Roda (November 14, 2016)

Gary was livid when he hung up the phone. Livid as he grabbed his jacket and rushed to the house. Livid, as he burst through the bedroom door to find his lovely Emma, resting, pale, and still shaky after the morning's ordeal, on the green damask chaise lounge. Livid, as he crossed the spacious room and then he stopped. She had been hurt, after all.

Lucky Seven, by Alexia (November 11, 2016)

"You were warned the day before that I wouldn't tolerate disrespect or disobedience any longer..." He raised the paddle and felt the girl flinch in anticipation, "...and now I'm going to show you how serious I. am."

Without another word he began to spank the girl, closing his ears to the rising wails and complaints applying the paddle firmly to her round buttocks and thighs. She tried to protect herself, but each time she reached behind, John walloped a single spot on her thigh until she had both hands well away. It would be bruised, but it taught her a lesson, The rest of her fanny reddened with the paddling, ached and burned, and then Lynn began to weep.

Man & Wife, by A.B. (November 11, 2016)

Now that she was firmly fixed in this ancient, face-down nursery position, Fran gave up the struggle and lay quietly. "Please, please," she continued to croon softly, but it was the automatic pleading of a naughty child who knows shehas no real hope of escaping her punishment.

Jim took the hem of his wife's skirt, which was already around her thighs, and began to work it upwards. The dress fit too snugly to be simply swept or pulled up. In fact, as he got closer to the fullness of her bottom, Jim began to doubt that he would be able to get the skirt up without damaging it. But up it would go, on that he was determined. He stretched the material as far as he dared, and heard a seam start to let go.

"Wait!" cried Fran. "Don't rip it! It's a good dress!"

Flying by the Seat of her Panties, by A.L. Purvis (November 7, 2016)

She balked. She opened her mouth to say something, but thought better of it. Her blush deepened. Finally, she lowered her head, and then lowered her pants a little, to about where most plumbers wear their britches. She kept her head down as she shuffled over to my side and leaned over the landing zone. I eased her down over my knees and started to pull her stretch pants further down. "No!" she said. She reached back with her right hand to stop the decent of her waistband. I caught her right wrist and moved it to the middle of her lower back and held it there with my left hand. I pressed my left forearm down on her spine, so she couldn't get up. With her black pants at mid thigh, I was free to admire the seat of her sensible white panties, stretched as tight a the head on a kettle drum around her expansive rear end. The sound my hand would make on this drum would be much fleshier than the sound I make on the kettle drum I play in the orchestra, but I was sure it would make Jeannette want to march. I also knew she would soon provide vocal accompaniment, and no doubt a bit of high harmony before I was through with her.

Peeping Tom, by Don & Roda (November 7, 2016)

How does she constantly get herself into binds like this" I wondered what to do to leave an indelible impression on my brat, so I had her hike her skirt and stand in the corner while I considered. Resolving that whatever I did, it should include the aggrieved party, so I went down the three flights of stairs in my building, over to the next building, and up three flights. Penny was hostile at first, but when she understood that I wasn't there to defend my hot-headed wife, but to ask her opinions on a suitable punishment, she mellowed. She told me that she would be satisfied with a simple apology, but her husband was furious and her son, who had been questioned at his school, probably wanted a more strenuous retribution. When I told her that Maria was still subjected to corporal punishment she was dubious until we went into the boy's room, opened the curtains, and she saw Maria's panty-clad bottom as she stood in her corner. Now a believer, Penny fairly glowed with the prospect of punishing Maria, and came up with several ideas during our animated discussion. We agreed that any remedy should rightfully include the boy who, after all, had only done what any red-blooded boy would have done when presented with such a view. Heck, -I'd look myself! We came up with a plan that satisfied her need for retribution, but at the same time accommodated her limits on how much "education” her son was ready for and would be able to assimilate without emotional damage. We concluded with her promising to discuss our plan with her son and husband when they returned and, after obtaining the anticipated agreement, that she would call me with a "go” or "no- go” signal. "She'll never talk to me again” was Penny's parting comment, -but it was said with a giggle.

On the Job Training, by Dr. Ken (November 4, 2016)

Rita's bottom was literally bouncing under Mike's palm, and turning redder all the time. Rita began pleading for him to stop, and promising that she would pass the lesson. When her voice finally conveyed the right measure of sincerity, he stopped. She hung limply over his lap. He rubbed her backside for a few seconds, and then told her to get up. She slowly made it to her feet, wincing at the throbbing of her well-smacked bottom. She rubbed her behind for a moment or two, and then slowly and carefully pulled her panties and sweatpants up and into place.

Painfully Sweet Memories, Part 2, by A.G.A. (November 4, 2016)

Southgate smiled. “Good, this is good.” He walked around her and raised her skirt with the tip of the cane, looking at her bottom. “You are lazy, aren't you, Healey?”

“Yes, Sir,” she admitted weakly.

“Yeah, I know a lazy rump when I see one,” he said and let her skirt drop. “Raise your skirt, pull down your knickers and let everyone see how lazy it is.” Melissa Healey miserably did as she was told and Mr. Southgate tapped her bare bottom with his cane and said: “Each and every one of you! Take a good look because this is as lazy a rump as I’ve ever seen.” Then he walked in front of her, tipped her chin in his fingers and his eyes bore into hers.

“Been thrashed this year, Healey?”

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