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The Serial Spanker

The Serial Spanker is a magazine that has been published quarterly by CF Publications since 1994. Now on the web exclusively here, you can read the same serialized stories that have been featured in this magazine. These stories have been - up until now - available only in the magazine. They have never been offered through CF's catalog.

Royal Pain by Mona Whitlock - Five Chapters

The Runaway by I. Raney - Eight Chapters

Queen Brat by Sharon Green - Twenty One Chapters

Princess Brat by Sharon Green - Eleven Chapters

Susan's Reprogramming - Six Chapters - Now completed.
Life among several girlfriends - all of whom believe in spanking.

Friends by Walt Samuels - Four chapters
Life among several girlfriends - all of whom believe in spanking.

The Health Club by Rollin Hand - Six chapters

Henry II & the Fair Rosamonde - Twelve Chapters

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The Old Softie, Part One: An Unexpected Return by Stroller (Posted 04-23-09)
"That did it! You...you get off that bed at once and you stand right there," I shouted to Gwen and pointed to a spot next to the night table. "You are going to see how we old softies deal with nieces who break every rule in the book."

Gwen scrambled off the bed and Sam, seeing how angry she had made me, tried to scramble after her. With one arm I grabbed a leg and pulled her back. It was obvious that she had nothing on under my shirt.

"Get your hands off me!" she screamed.

"My hands are going to be all over your butt, young lady. Better yet, you need more than hands on your behind." I seized a hairbrush from the night table.

"Oh shit. No you're not going...yeoow!"

Roger and the Mystery Woman by Alexia(Posted 04-23-09)
"Spanking, Mr. Morrison," said Seb, and he raised his glass in a salute. "The idea makes your blood race, doesn't it?"

"You can tell," joked Roger weakly.

"I have a knack for knowing who harbors my secret passion and who would be righteously indignant. You know," he said in a conspiratorial whisper, "There are damned few who don't feel something at the idea of taking a woman across a knee and giving her a good, sound walloping when she gets out of line."

Music to Spank By by AL Purvis (Posted 04-16-09)
"Move!" I said in a military manner.

My bark made her jump. She flounced around getting her slip over her head, then held it in front of herself and stuck her lower lip out at me.

"Fold that garment," I said, "Place it on the dresser and get yourself back over here right now."

She obeyed!

I think I was more amazed than she was that she marched to my music over to the dresser and back to me, clad only in her high cut panties, push-up bra, thigh high hose, high heels and pearls.

I pulled her over my knees, tugged down the elastic leg holes at the back of her panties, so her bikini would look neat, and marched my hand around her pink parade ground in time with the music.

Spank Trek: The Next Flagellation by Dr. Ken (Posted 04-16-09)

"Now, Counselor," the Captain scolded, "the next time I ask you to bring me some tea...."

The word "tea" was punctuated by a solid whack to Troi's left bottom-cheek, eliciting a high-pitched yelp from the Ship's Counselor.

"That is, of course, Earl Gray tea," the Captain continued, applying a few more whacks to her well-reddened bottom.

"Yes, Captain," she gasped out, "Earl Gray."

The Captain seemed to ignore her comment, and concentrated on applying a series of spanks first to one side of Troi's derriere, and then the other. Troi, on the verge of tears, helplessly began kicking her legs in response to the hard swats.

"The tea," the Captain finally added, "will be HOT! Not luke-warm--but HOT!"

"Yes, Captain!"

"Something akin to what your buttocks are feeling like now."

"Yes, Captain!" Next time, she thought, she'd bring it still boiling!

In the Nick of Time by Ed Finn (Posted 04-9-09)
He was secretly tickled when Tiffany had arrived at his door already in a snit; that attitude would, by itself, nearly guarantee she would wind up across his knee. Bitching about the "goddamn north woods” and whining that there was probably nowhere around to get her hair done or a good cup of espresso, she'd recoiled when he told her to shut up or he would give her something to really complain about.

"Oh sure!” she'd sneered. "Mother told me all about the way you like to beat on kids. Well, just forget it! I'm not a kid, and even if I was, there's no way you'll ever do that to me.! I'm going over to Terri's now. Later, Gramps.”

She'd let the screen door slam behind her. Carl had smiled as he'd watched her incredibly round, spankable, jeans clad bottom bob across the lawn toward her 17 year old friend's house, several blocks off.

"We'll see, little girl, we'll just see who's too old for what,” he'd muttered.

Stacey by Uncle George(Posted 04-9-09)
Stacey blushed at the thought of being spanked on the bare behind like a little girl again, and wondered briefly why she would blush at all. Carl had done this at least forty times in the eighteen months since her seventeenth birthday. With the exception of the first one, for which he'd allowed the protection of her thin panties, all of them had been administered with her bottom completely bare from waist to knees.

Trouble at the Mall by Mike Burke (Posted 04-2-09)

"Dadddddy?" Cindy asked in her sweetest voice as she walked around to the other side of the tree. "When will I be too old to spank anymore?"

"Age is not the deciding factor," the father answered calmly. "As long as you live in this house, your mother and I will expect certain behavior. When we don't get it, then you will be spanked...or paddled...or switched as the situation dictates.

"If you ask me, you are already old enough not to spank," Dan Anderson continued. "I would have thought you would know better by now. Instead, you just keep getting in trouble. Just like today. Didn't you know what your mother would do if you smarted off? I'm sure you did, but you were still naughty, weren't you?"

The New Regime by Annie (Posted 04-2-09)
"That's not the point, Kim" answered Ann, "You were asked to come home and you didn't. I was worried."

"Mom, it's no big deal! I stay late all the time and you don't give me a hard time. Why now?"

This time Neil answered, "Because now things are different. We had plans for a talk after school. You didn't even have the common courtesy to call and say you'd be late. You had your mother worried needlessly, and it's RUDE! I think at the very least you owe your mother an apology."

"I don't have to listen to you! You're not my father! You're NOTHING to me!" Kim yelled.

Neil jumped off the couch, grabbed Kim, and sat back down.

She was draped over his two knees before she could even react to protect herself.

Yelling obscenities and fighting fiercely, Kim was shocked when she couldn't get back on her feet. As her jeans-covered ass was repeatedly whacked with Neil's firm hand, she was stunned into silence.

Candy's Comeuppance by T.H. (3-26-09)

Candy was lounging in the den with the stereo going wide open. Jessica walked over and shut off the stereo, which brought the teenager to abrupt attention.

"Candy, we're going to have an important discussion up in my bedroom right now."

"Why? What's so important that we can't discuss it right here?"

Jessica had no intention of divulging her plan of action, so she merely said, "You'll find out when we get there."

A Warm Afternooon by Barbie(3-26-09)

“Maggie!” Samuel's tone was a roar. His action followed his voice and he was beside Maggie pulling her to her feet in a flash. “I will not tolerate your bad manners to a guest of ours.”

“Apologize this instant...”

Maggie was caught by Samuel's hand on her upper arm. Her breasts were jiggling as he gave her a warning shake. Her face was flushed as she looked at Samuel.

“I'm sorry if I was rude.”

“If? If?” Samuel roared again and this time backed up and seated himself on a bench on the side of the boat. He pulled Maggie down over his lap.

Going Shopping by T. Moore (3-19-09)

"Can I help you, sir?"

The man standing in front of them was the shop clerk. He was big, with long hair and thick, hairy arms. He looked at Robin with unconcealed interest as she dropped her eyes and squirmed mentally.

"Robin is a very bad girl," Peter said. "We need something to discipline her."

A Warm Engagement by Barbie (3-19-09)

"Uh-huh, and you love me, but you have been late three times and had lame excuses each time. So, how does Grant "fix" that little habit?"

" I don't think it would work for you." Barbie said and kept her eyes on their hands.

" Perhaps I would be the best judge of that."

" I don't want it to work for you." Barbie insisted. Why didn't he drop it? If he kept questioning her, she'd admit to Uncle Grant's methods, and Ken would probably laugh at her. He might even go back to his original idea that he was acradle snatcher because of the ten year's difference in their ages. It had taken Barbie a long time to convince him that she didn't' like the guys her age. She felt she got along better if they were older.

" But it does work?"

Barbie nodded. One glance at him let her know that he'd never let this drop. Perhaps she could make up a story which would satisfy him. Or maybe the truth but tell it in the past tense. A thing of the past. She glanced around and hoped no one at the next table could hear her. "When I was younger, he'd..."

" Yes?" Ken prompted when she stopped.

" Well, he spanked me."

Daddy Was Right by Jason (March 12, 2009)

The door opened and I heard Daddy sit in the chair. "I don't think anything else needs to be said, Gilly. You know why I'm going to spank you. Lets get it over with."

I left the corner and walked to his side, my hands cupping my clenched panty clad bottom, a habit I'd never been able to break over the years. Like before every spanking since I was twelve, I asked, knowing it was futile, "Can't you do it on my panties, Daddy? They won't be that much protection."

"Getting them pulled down is part of your spanking, Gilly; a necessary embarrassment. They've come down for every spanking since you were three, and I see no reason to change now. If you hadn't wanted your bare bottom spanked, then you should've abided by the rules and kept your word." He tapped his thigh. "You know the position."

Why I Do It by Uncle George (March 12, 2009)

"Ginger,” he asked calmly but with a steel hard tone to it that had made her tingle all over. "Are you sure about this?”

"Yes,” she said quietly.

"Why do you want a spanking? Have you done something that you think would bedeserving of such a punishment?”

"Don't ask,” she replied. "It's too much for me to go into. I only know that I want it.” There had been another pause.

"Very well,” he said. "I think I understand you and if that is what you want, that's what you'll get. But I think it only fair that you fully understand right now, what I intend to do. Okay?”

"Okay,” she said sitting back relieved that the most embarrassing part, actually asking him to do it, was past.

"First, young lady, you're gonna get spanked hard and long, using just my hand, with you properly positioned over my knee. The same way I do with my daughter, Cindy, understand?”

Daddy Brings the Hairbrush to Work by Tess (Posted 3-05-09)

"I need to have a few words with you. Since you refuse to make yourself available at home, refuse to answer my calls or your mother's notes, I guess we'll have to talk here."

"Well, I'm sorry, but I don't have much time..."

"This won't take much time."

"Maybe we can meet after work then. I'm going to dinner and a show this evening, but I could meet you somewhere before that."

"You could," said my father, "but would you? Somehow I doubt it, going on your performance over the last several weeks. No, Tess, I want to talk to you and it's going to be now."

"Daddy!" I leaned forward to hiss urgently, casting my eyes back towards the inner offices behind the lobby, "You can't just come here and expect me to be able to drop everything. This is my job, I have to stay here on the desk. And besides, I don't see what there is to talk about."

"I'm sure you know exactly what I need to speak to you about. Don't think you can keep hiding from me, young lady, I won't allow it. You're going to at least listen to what I have to say and..."

"I don't have to!" I argued, yet in a low voice. "I'm on my own now, making enough money to support myself and you can't keep expecting me to do things your way!"

"I don't think you're quite in a position to be able to tell me what I can or can't do, young lady."

Riding Crop Romance by A.L. Purvis (Posted 3-05-09)

"She's a pretty one, Allen," Gram told me, "You certainly have an eye for the finer points of thoroughbred stock."

Brandi laughed, cast an appraising eye in my direction and said, "I have a good eye for good breeding too, Mrs. Davenport."

Brandi looked back to Gram, but I watched my date closely as Gram tested her for me. This was the moment of truth.

Gram spoke slowly and deliberately so I could observe Brandi's reactions. "You're not the first frisky filly Allen has put through her paces around here, Brandi."

Brandi's eyes glowed as she heard herself compared to a frolicsome foal.

"You'll discover that my grandson keeps a firm hand on the reins."

The younger woman puckered her mouth with pleasure from that thought.

"I hope you respond well," Gram told her.

The Dinner Party by MD (Posted 2-26-09)

Except the eyes of Ed Wilcox. She had gone too far now and he stared directly across the table at his beautiful wife, "I cannot believe your behavior this evening, Kimberly! We have had enough of your snide, cutting remarks and you owe an apology to Mrs. Harrington and everyone else at this table. You will do so immediately or..." he looked directly at her and completed his sentence in a slow, firm voice, "I shall be forced to give you a spanking!"

Kim smiled confidently back at her husband. He was obviously joking. He had never spanked her. No one had, at least not for years and years. So long ago that Kim could not remember the time or circumstances of her last childhood paddling. She could not remember whether it had been her mother or father, not that either had done it very often. Oh, Ed had threatened to spank her two or three times, but he never had. And those threats had been private ones when they'd been alone. Surely he wasn't going to do anything in public. She would call his bluff, she would back him down on his idle threat. "I don't feel any apology is called for," she sniffed defiantly.

A Poolside Paddling by David Stone (Posted 2-26-09)
Sean Victors ran the swimming pool at the Forestwood Country Club, and when he got to work on a sunny Thursday morning in July, he was not happy.

The registration counter was littered; in was supposed to be cleaned before closing each night. Worse, the supplies in the beach shop had not been restocked, and they'd have to be fully stocked by the time the pool opened in 20 minutes.

Damn it, he thought, somebody going to get a blistered bottom out of this.

A Politically Correct Spanking by A.L. Purvis

(Posted 2-19-09)

" How could you embarrass me like that?" I was so furious I hadn't spoken to Diane since we left the party.

"How could you invite me to an Arms Control fund raiser?" she said as we entered my living room. "You know how I feel about wimpy Liberals."

"You could have been civil." I took off my suit coat.

She seemed pleased that she had pissed me off. I guess she could see that I'm macho enough to get huffy, even though I am a 'wimpy' Liberal.

"You didn't have to hold forth on peace being an anomaly and war being the natural state of world affairs," I said. I rolled up my sleeves.

The tall blond beauty watched quizzically. She said, "What are you doing?"

"Exercising the constitutional 'Right to Bear Arms' that you advocated ---"

I sat down on the coffee table, pulled her over my lap and flipped up her black dress and silky slip.

" --- and your Right to Bare Legs."

A Real One by Barbie (Posted 02-19-09)

She hadn't planned to let this happen. Actually, she had been very careful not to leave the keys in the door after that last time and Ted's threat. It was because of the damn groceries. She had been carrying too many sacks and when she finally got the door open, she hadn't bothered to extract the keys. She had planned to get all the groceries into the house and get the keys out of the door. But she had left keys in the door too many times. She had a theory that she could find them and not lock herself out of the house if she left the keys in the door. However, Ted hadn't been impressed with her theory.

"Supper's ready."

"Maybe I should spank you first."

Betsy felt every muscle within her tighten as he said that word. "Aren't you hungry?" Anything to stall off the spanking.

"Yes, I'm hungry, but I'm also angry. I think I might enjoy the evening more after we clear the air, don't you?" After laying her keys on the table, Ted loosened his tie.

"I think we should talk about this. I went to the grocery today and had all those bags. I didn't drag you along. My hands were full--I just forgot. Surely I should have another chance?" Betsy could hear the whine almost pleading sound in her voice. She hated it.

"You had another chance--last time."

On the Job Training by Dr. Ken (Posted 2-12-09)

He choked for real this time. Finally, he spluttered, "Lesson THREE? There's ten lessons you have to pass in order to qualify. You have two weeks left, and you're only on lesson THREE?"

"Well, I told you, it's difficult," she said, defensively.

Mike put his sandwich down, pushed his chair back, and brushed his hands together. "What you need, young lady, is some motivation."

The Corvette by ZZ (Posted 02-12-09)

"Where is my Corvette?!" he exclaimed.

"It's down the end of the street," Sally replied, "I-I just wanted to take it for a little ride."

"A LITTLE RIDE!" her Father yelled, "That car has no brakes! I told you to stay away from it! Where is it?"

"Down the end of the street," she said.

"Where?" said her father, straining his eyes, "I don't see it."

"Just down the embankment on the other side of the cross road," she said.

Her father looked at her and her muddy clothes. Suddenly he understood.

"It's in the swamp! You drove my car into the swamp!"

He dropped the bundles and started down the street at a dead run. When he reached the top of the embankment and saw his beloved automobile sitting forlornly in the muddy water he looked as if he was going to be sick. Recovering he hurried back to the house.

"I'll deal with you later." he told his daughter in passing.

Crash and Burn by Tess (Posted 02-05-09)

"You," said Jigs, swinging around and pointing a finger at the man, "have work to do. This show opens in a bit over an hour and from the looks of things, you're going to be pressed for time. All of you, get to work. I have something important to take care of."

With that, Jigs left the stage, hauling a squirming, kicking, vituperative female in his wake. He heard a few "right ons" and "s'about times", a few "hey, he can't..." or "he's got no right"---but nothing was going to deter him from his purpose. Not this time.

Angelina felt the strength in Jigs's grip and automatically resisted the forward impetus. Even so, this man kept dragging her down the hall, his face set, his step firm. What did he think he was doing?

Like Mother, Like Daughter Pt. 2 by T.C. Stonefox (Posted 02-05-09

Patricia sipped her tea nervously and looked up at the Headmaster. He wasindeed, quite handsome for a man of his years. He was one of the fortunate who age had rewarded with increased good looks and health emphasized by his grey hair. If he were younger, Patricia would have been sexually attracted to him, but he was old enough to be her father, and indeed, that was the persona that he now put forth.

"Are you comfortable with your decision?” he asked, leaving the question open to interpretation.

"As far as Felicia is concerned, yes. She needed a firm hand to remind her that there are certain things that will not be tolerated. As to my own decision to be here, I can't really say. I'm very frightened, as you know, but I suppose her problems are as much my fault as her own. I haven't been doing my job, obviously, and I suppose that yesterday was the kind of shock that I needed to see that. I honestly don't know whether getting caned myself will serve any purpose,” she answered.

Like Mother, Like Daughter Pt. One by T.C. Stonefox
(Posted 1-22-09)

"Now, I don't know what your mother told you, but here is what's going to transpire. You are going to get six of the very best with the cane on your bare bottom,” began Mr. Marsh.

"WHAT?!” interrupted Felicia.

Mr. Marsh sighed and looked disgustedly at Patricia. "I thought this was explained to the young lady.”

"Mother! You didn't say anything about...,” began Felicia.

"Felicia,” explained Patricia, "canings are always given on the bare. I'm terribly sorry you didn't understand that, but I'm certainly not going to listen to any more discussion about this matter. You are going to get caned right now, and its going to be with your panties down! Is that understood?”

"Mother, please! Not like that!” begged the girl.

Two Spankings for the Record by The Sargeant (Posted 1-22-09)

“Oh” said Don, looking over at Lisa. “Is this true, Lisa? Did you ride on the street and then dare Sylvia to?” Lisa hung her head and wouldn't answer. She couldn't answer, there was no way she could take a spanking like she had just witnessed. Even her own nightmare had been far short of that in total strokes. But, even unable to answer, she couldn't stop herself from nodding that what he was saying was true, even though she knew that sealed her own fate.

Turning back to Sylvia, still standing in front of him, naked for all practical purposes, Don took the time to look her up and down, adding to her humiliation and then said “To the corner, Sylvia. You are older than Lisa and you should have known better, so you don't get to watch her spanking. To the corner, nose to the wall and leave your panties down.”

Wait Until I Get You Home by GRM (Posted 1-15-08)

"Well, my dear wife, this is the second or third time you've disobeyed my instructions and this is the last straw! You are going to learn, right now, that there is NO women's lib in this house!"

Without releasing his grip on her left arm, he grabbed her right earlobe with his other hand and none too gently marched her upstairs to the bedroom. He roughly deposited her on the bed, took off his tuxedo jacket and ominously rolled up his right sleeve. Joyce looked at her very angry husband with apprehension and trepidation chasing each other across her lovely, freckled face. "Peter!" she gasped. "What--what are you going to do?"

He placed a straight-backed chair in the center of the room and dragged her to it. "What your mother or father

Linley & Professor Kingsford by T.C. Stonefox (Posted 1-15-08)

The Headmistress and Deputy Headmistress were both present when they walked into the large study. The two women were studies in contrast. The Headmistress was a small German woman and the Deputy was a large blonde Swiss lady of about 35 years. Mrs. Dieter stood behind her desk and Miss Grunwald to the side while Linley and Martha trembled in front of the large oak desk. "You have both broken a very serious rule,” began the Headmistress in her heavy German accent. "What do you have to say for yourselves?”

"We're both quite sorry, Mrs. Dieter,” replied Linley. "We won't let it happen again.”

"Indeed not,” replied the woman. "But we cannot let this transgression go unpunished. Regretfully I have no choice but to strap each of you severely.”

Linley felt her heart sink into her stomach and Martha sobbed quietly.

"Miss Morgan” You will kindly wait outside the door while Miss Logan is dealt with!”

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Boy's Trip to the Principal's Office by BC (Posted 04-23-09)
Miss Mang has a reputation. Really, it is more of a legend. When you are sent to Miss Mang for punishment, you get spanked, and you get spanked damn good and hard. She doesn't care who you are, or how tough you are supposed to be. The worst thing you can do is not do as she tells you when she says "drop your pants and get over my lap".

Good Reminders by Jason (Posted 04-23-09)
"You've convinced me, Casey. We'll give it a try. Come back at one. I also need a letter requesting and granting authority for me to administer corporal punishment to you as I see fit. Sign and date it."

"I'll have the letter with me, ma'am. I can hardly wait to see Allison's reaction to this."

"One other thing, Casey. It also means that I will punish you like Allison if you break my rules when you're on a date. That means a lot longer and harder with the paddle when you're over my knee and your underpants will be pulled down like her panties are. After that, you'll be bent over my bed for a workout with an old fashioned leather shaving strap. I strongly suggest you keep a change of clothing and some grooming articles here. After you've been spanked that way, you won't be able to drive back to your dorm and will have to spend the night in our guest room."

Martha's Dream Comes True by Jason (Posted 04-16-09)
Lucretia turned to her friend watching with an amused look. "Miss Martha, Alex has been an insufferable, disobedient, and disrespectful young man. He has failed to finish a number of tasks and chores, he has attempted to take liberties with several of the young women in our town, and insulted our elderly residents with his lack of respect. I give him to you for the most stringent, humiliating, and painful punishment you can devise.  He has a firm well padded bottom that can be spanked long and hard. I will here at ten tomorrow morning, and I will see a very changed for the better young man." After one final swat, Lucretia walked to Martha's side.

Sasha by James Sondance (Posted 04-16-09)

It was not a difficult decision. I'd never find another job as interesting and rewarding as this one. "If you think I need a spanking, I'll take it Mrs. Teake."
"Very well. Take your pants down."
"Take my pants down? Bare skin? In front of you and Sasha?"
"Of course. Did you think I was going to spank your trousers?"
"Can't Sasha leave at least, Mrs. Teake?"
"No, Sasha stays. I have a feeling she will be reddening your bottom herself often enough."

Mother Vera's Secret by Papa (Posted 04-9-09)
The sounds, the unmistakable sounds of deliberate, maternal discipline drifted down to the first floor hallway from Vera's bedroom above despite the closed bedroom door. They were sounds quite distinct and apart from the undercurrent of Vera's muffled lecturing. Like punctuation Terry's cries and sobs could be heard clearly in response to the drumbeat of her Mother's steady smacking. It sounded to Leona like Vera was giving her oldest daughter the spanking of her life. As long time, old friends are wont to do, Leona had come to Vera's house unannounced and unexpected but as she entered and listened, she felt like an intruder. The sounds of Vera disciplining her daughter stopped Leona in her tracks. 

Brian and His Grandmother by Thomas Bruns (Posted 04-9-09)
Lucretia turned to her friend watching with an amused look. "Miss Martha, Alex has been an insufferable, disobedient, and disrespectful young man. He has failed to finish a number of tasks and chores, he has attempted to take liberties with several of the young women in our town, and insulted our elderly residents with his lack of respect. I give him to you for the most stringent, humiliating, and painful punishment you can devise.  He has a firm well padded bottom that can be spanked long and hard. I will here at ten tomorrow morning, and I will see a very changed for the better young man." After one final swat, Lucretia walked to Martha's side.

Sharon's Revenge by Ralph Greco, Jr. (Posted 04-2-09)

Steven was of course excited and nervous. He had always thought Sharon, his best friend Bob’s wife, was an attractive girl, maybe a bit too pale forhis tastes, but definitely a great stylish lady, with a tight little bod (and a great ass), long red hair and a mater-of-fact-ness that she had worn well since they all first met in college. He and Sharon had never really flirted, but they had grown pretty damn close now in the ten years Sharon and Bob had been married. Sure, he hadn't planned on anything like this when he happened over to Bob and Sharon's this crisp Saturday afternoon to see if his buddy was up for a game of one-on-one, but now that it was all happening…

Broken Window, Broken Fanny by Victoria (Posted 04-2-09)
Mrs. Winters hadn't said a word until Paul was in place. Victoria situated Paul over her lap so his head was hanging down and his toes were barely touching the floor. She propped her one leg up on the chair rung and made his bottom a bit taut and the target essentially the part that sits. Paul had to balance himself with his hands on the floor in front of him.

"Do you do this often?"

"As often as necessary. When Paul can't behave himself, he is spanked on his bare bottom, aren't you, Paul?"

The Adventures of Anne Part 2 by BC & Wife (3-26-09)

I picked up the phone and called the jewelry department and found out the price of the goods. "These things cost twenty-seven fifty. The store policy is, you pay double the price of the goods or we call the police. It's either fifty-five dollars or go to jail. Either way, I'm going to give you a good spanking on your bare ass with this hairbrush. Just like the bad little boy that you are." I took my hairbrush from my desk and showed it to him. "If you don't accept your punishment like a big boy, I'll just have to whip you with my belt some more!" I still held my belt doubled over in my right hand. "What will it be, David?"

He sighed heavily and answered, "I'll pay the money to stay out of jail and I'll take the spanking without the whipping."

Room 211 by Jason (3-26-09)

Darla Dodson, the motel manager, had met Jason in the office and escorted him downstairs to the room after exchanging code words and checking his identity. "What do you think? Looks innocent, wouldn't you say?"

 Jason turned and looked at the five-four, shapely brunette in her early thirties. "Yes, Miss Darla." He had been instructed to call her that at all times.

 "You won't think it's so innocent when I allow you to check out in three days. One thing I expect and will have is total, unquestioning obedience. When I tell you to do something, it will be done immediately without thinking." She unlocked one of the chest drawers and removed large and small plastic bags. "Strip naked and be quick."

The Adventures of Anne Part 1 by BC & Wife (3-19-09)

"Six! I could understand if it was one who you were in love with, but six different men is not love. What were you thinking? You could have gotten pregnant, or gotten a terrible disease."

All I could say was, "I'm sorry, Mom."

"You're sorry, are you? I think you deserve a very good spanking. What do you think?"

Deena's Housekeeper Part 2 by Jason

Jennifer swallowed hard and licked her lips. Then she did it.

“Mr. Rafferty,” she said, “there’s something I would like to discuss with you.” As Jennifer spoke she knew that it was not what she wanted to say. Before he had a chance to respond she spoke again. “Take off your pants.” she said abruptly. Jennifer was surprised as the stern command past her lips.

Startled, Rafferty jerked in surprise but said nothing. Jennifer let the silence continue for what seemed a long time. She rose from her chair before she spoke again. “You heard me,” she said.  Now that she had taken the first step her voice was strong and confident. “I’m going to get a cup of coffee. When I return I expect to see your pants and underpants folded neatly in the middle of the desk. And, in the future, when I give you an order, you are to respond ‘Yes, Ma’am.”

Threesome by Jason (March 12, 2009)

Maggie Chapman entered the dining room from the kitchen. When Jason visited, the five-three servant with short black hair, brown eyes, and a slender body always served meals in a French maid costume with a short flaredskirt, taffeta petticoats, black seemed stockings, black patent leather high heels, and white ruffled panties. Though a lesbian, she didn't mind Jason patting her bottom when she bent over to serve meals. She curtsied, the petticoats rustling. "Will there be anything else for you and Mr Montgomery, Mistress?"

 "Jason has something to say, little one," said Dawn.

 "First of all, Maggie, the meal was wonderful. I'd be hard pressed to say which I enjoyed more, the food or you serving it."

Maggie blushed and looked away as always when Jason paid her a compliment. "Thank you, Mr Montgomery. I'm glad you enjoyed everything."

"Mistress Dawn and I were wondering if, instead of what you do when I visit, you'd like to join us in her bedroom for the night?"

Crossroads by Robert Johnson (March 12, 2009)

Vera sighed. She was provoked. She was never going to leave John Waters for a man 16 years younger than she, but that was no reason for her to give up her spanking fantasies and right now she wanted to spank the daylights out of George for being so obtuse. "My, my," she said. "You're a real big shot now aren't you? But you and I know what you need and want. Now you get down here tomorrow afternoon and then you can decide what you want after I get through with you" Her voice was firm and authoritative.

George thought she was being arrogant and he was angry. He was the executive; he was the decisive one; he gave the orders, and she was not going to run his life.

"All right, Vera", George said in a loud harsh voice. "If I decide not to come, what are you going to do about it?" There was a long pause; "George Highsmith, don't you dare talk like that to me," said Vera in a low but unmistakeably dangerous tone. "If you disobey me I will be up there tomorrow afternoon and I will go in your office and spank you in front of your entire staff. If you don't believe me just try to defy me once more!" She hung up.

Know Thy Place by Greg Babcock

“Girls?” I asked -- peering out from behind the door, “what can ... what can we do?”

“Nothing, Major,” snarled Brenda. “You can figure out how you’re gonna get back to the base ... bare-assed naked! And with no car keys! Secondly, you can figure out how you’re going to cope with this picture ... which is turning out beautifully, by the way ... when we present it to our beloved commanding officer! At the administration building! First thing Monday morning! I think that’d probably be what should be taking up most of your time ... for the immediate future, anyway.”

“Aw now, Girls,” I replied. “Don’t do us that way! Let’s be reasonable! We can certainly have a ...“

”No, Major,” seethed Brenda. “You listen to me! You listen to us! I am so sick of you thinking you can boff any of us women at the office! Thinking that ... and getting away with it! It makes me want to puke! Ohhhhhhh,” she hissed, “I’ve waited so long for this! I’ve planned this so goddam long! Until Sally, here, transferred in, none of the girls had balls enough ... you should excuse the expression ... to help me pull it off! And, God knows, I never could’ve done it by myself! Thank God for Sally Newhouser!”

Double Whammy by Chantall (Posted 3-05-09)

"Dev's been on my back ever since you forgot that deposit today," she said, twirling her shower cap on her finger. "She still thinks you should be spanked for that."

"She'll get over it."

"But I won't. I agree with her, Mark... .you do deserve to be spanked."

He leaned back, as if making sure he'd heard her right. He wasn't convinced that he had.

"In that case," he said, before he could re-think the statement, "I'd rather be spanked by you than that ball-busting sister of yours. That way, I know it wouldn't hurt."

"Is that so?" He was making this way too easy. "I'm going to take you up on that, Mark." She glanced towards the bathroom. "Let me turn the shower off, and I'll be right back to take care of you."

College Boy by CC (Posted 2-26-09)

"Uh-no," I stammered, "It-it's just... I...."

"Or maybe you're excited at the prospect of getting a spanking!" She said brightly, "I'll bet that's it; all this time, you've secretly craved punishment. Why else would you get yourself into such a ridiculous predicament, naked and awaiting a butt-smacking in your girlfriend's office!"

I started to protest, but Sara cut me off before I could speak.

"Well I'm very particular about who I spank," She said, "And to get the treatment you so richly deserve -- in fact, if you want to stay here at Woodvale at all -- you'll have to follow instructions very carefully. The slightest infraction," She emphasized, "and you'll be out of Woodvale, and out of my life, permanently. Is that clear?"

"Yes Sar-uh Miss Sara," I said meekly.

Eddie Gets Smartened Up by Barrister (Posted 2-26-09)

Susan continued, "my first thought was to call Ginny and tell her everything. If you would try that with me, and in front of witnesses, what else are you up to? Then I thought, that will only hurt Ginny and you know that she's my favourite sister. So, I came up with an alternative. Either you agree to it, or I will call Ginny right now with Silvie and Linda to back up what I have to say. Choose now."

"What's the alternative?"

"You're going to have to submit to punishment by the three of us. Whatever we say - you have to do. Either that, or I call Ginny right now."

Eddie was confused. Punishment? What the hell was Susan talking about? "What do you mean, punishment?"

"Never mind. Pick now or I dial the phone." She reached for the phone to show that she meant it.

The Woman's Court by Jason (Posted 02-19-09)

"Because you voluntarily surrendered to a first time offenders warrant and have fully cooperated with the officers and this court, Dawson, I will offer you the choice of two lenient sentences. I caution you that both will include corporal punishment as permitted under the Male Criminal Activities Act of 2033. Studies have shown that males best learn their lessons about their place in a female dominated society when they are spanked and whipped.

"The first choice is a week's incarceration in the court's detention facility. You will be confined to a cell on diminished rations to lose some of that excess weight. You will wear nothing but feminine underpants and your body hair will remain shorn. You will be put to work at tasks like bathroom cleaning and laundry during the day. Moderate corporal punishment will be administered in the morning and evening. The evening session will be carried in conjunction with behavior review and modification sessions with Miss Seamans. You will be kept in complete restraints except when you're in your cell and ankle restraints when performing your assigned tasks. You will be allowed no contact with nobody outside of the court building.

"Your other choice is overnight detention and six months probation. It will include a intense behavior modification session with Miss Seamans tonight. You will be released in the morning, but will be required to report here for overnight sessions once a month for six months. You'll be free to come and go as you please, but will be under discreet surveillance. If you violate the law, you'll be immediately arrested and required to serve the week's sentence I mentioned before. Whichever you choose, your bottom will be very sore and hopefully you attitude toward women will be permanently adjusted. You must make your choice now, Dawson, and it will be final." Andrew couldn't afford a week away from his work. He had too many clients to see, mostly women who entrusted their money to him to make profitable low risk investments for them and himself. It would be horribly painful and embarrassing as evidenced by the stinging pain in his bottom from the strap, but he should be able to get through it. The law the judge had referred to permitted corporal punishment that didn't leave permanent marks or cause injury or maiming. "May I please have the second choice, your Honor?"

"Yes you may. The court finds you guilty and sentences you to overnight detention in solitary confinement, an intense behavior modification session involving corporal punishment, and diminished rations. May the Goddess have mercy on your bottom because no one else will. Take him down, Officers."

Schadenfreude by Rod Birch (Posted 02-19-09)

"Can you believe, in 1948, women sitting in parliament actually voted to abolish birching of criminals? Even though the vast majority birched were male. That was one reason I left the UK."

"You mean people in England could be whipped for breaking laws?"

"Exactly. But, since the abolition of birching, crime, violent crime,

has been on the rise."

"Because men don't have to fear being birched?"

"It's self-evident. I suppose I could've moved to one of the Channel islands where birching is still in effect. But sequestering myself in such an out-of-the-way place would've impeded my efforts to replace patriarchy with a world matriarchy. So, I came to the United States. If we're successful here, nothing can stop us."

Treatment on LaFemme by Jason (Posted 02-12-09)

After Sheila left, I showered and settled on the comfortable bed and was soon fast asleep. I had some beautiful dreams about the little blond inspector joining me to do the wild thing and maybe a few other wild things. I would've loved to have shown her some of the things women on other planets had taught me. I had heard that women on Lafemme used sex only to produce dominant baby girls and submissive baby boys. They didn't know what they were missing.

Doctor's Treatment by Kiara Sarong (Posted 2-12-09)

He dumped several dimes into the coffee machine when they reached the cafeteria. "Why are you doing this?" he demanded gruffly, watching the steaming brew flow into styrofoam.

She reached over and cupped his chin in one hand forcing him to look at her. "I like naughty boys," she admitted in her soft, husky voice, her eyes so warm, he lost his breath. Then she smiled directly at him. "And I want to spank you almost as much as you need a good spanking."

Lukewarm coffee sloshed over his hand and soaked the sleeve of his white jacket. "What?" He couldn't have heard right. But nonetheless his cock stirred as a secret and shameful desire rose.

Instead of answering him, she simply laughed and fetched a can of soda out of the cooler while he fumbled with napkins to wipe up the mess.

When they were seated, he began again. "I don't appreciate the joking. This happens to be very serious..."

"I'm not joking," she said simply. "I intend to spank your bottom whenever you get out of line. That's all there is to it."

Strawberries for the Boss by Kiara Sarong (Posted 02-05-09)

"You always walk to work?" This time the question held an unmistakable sneer.

Serena lifted her chin. "On nice days, yes."

"I see." He grimaced, and rubbed the back of his neck as if irritated. A lock of blond hair, the warm color of summer wheat, fell over his forehead. "Well, find another route," he ordered. "You're a good looking babe and you distract my men. Particularly in a get-up like this one."

She looked down at her snug peach skirt and light summer top before reason asserted itself. Tossing her thick chestnut braid she gave him a cool smile. "You need a good spanking!"

The BusyBody by Greg Babcock (Posted 02-05-09)

“C’mon, Linda. You’ll lose! You’re gonna lose! Lose bad! And, even if Dexter should win, it’s only gonna be by … probably … oh … maybe one or two points! How sore could my ass ... my fanny ... wind up being? How sore, after one or two shots? Even with a stupid hairbrush or paddle? Or even a damn strap or something? How sore could you make it?”

“I’d sure like to find out,” she replied, witha sinister smile. One which surprised ­ not to say shocked ­ me. “Okay,” she continued, defiantly. “Let’s say three swats for every point that the winner scores. If the winner scores sixty points, you get a hundred-and-eighty swats on your fanny. How does that grab you”?

A Night to Remember by HB (Posted 1-22-09)

"It is very obvious to me that you need direction in your life. I am the only logical place for that to come from. I am the only one that cares about you enough to make the correct choices. Do you agree?" I nodded my head yes in reply. My throat was dry and I didn't think I could speak right then.

"I will make what decisions I feel are necessary. You will follow my orders, and make no mistake about it, they will be orders; without question. Failure to do so will result in punishment. You work at home so it is senseless to restrict your movement. Paying fines means nothing because you would be paying them to me, which in effect is paying them to us. The only thing left that has a prayer of a chance is Corporal Punishment, just like they use on naughty schoolboys. You will be spanked. For as long as I want, and as hard as I want, and however I want. I have my hand, and a hairbrush. I will purchase a paddle and a strap. The method and implement will be directly related to the offense. I will decide. I will be the Judge, Jury, and Executioner. It will be good for you, and good for me. I will not bear a grudge, you will pay for your crimes. All will be well. Do you have anything to say about this?"

Not Quite Dismissed by Greg Babcock (Posted 1-22-09)

"A. . .a whipping? You. . .you're all out of your minds! I'll. . .I'll have you thrown in jail! I don't care if Hilda did have a key! She's got no business in this house! None! can have the book thrown at her! And. . .from what you've all done already. . .I'll nail every damn one of you for assault!"

"Yeah?" replied Marcia. "Well, you can add battery to that, Your Crackpot Honor! Because we're going to battery the hell out of that pompous ass of yours! Battery the hell out of it!"

Group Picture by Greg Babcock (Posted 1-15-09)

"You ... you're ... you're reprehensible!"

Reprehensible? Where did she come up with a word like that? "Just consider yourself lucky," I retorted. "Consider yourself lucky that I didn't goose you ... especially at the crucial moment! When, the picture snapped. Hey! That'd make for a hell of a group photo ... and we'd both know why you'd have that expression on your face. We'd both know, wouldn't we? Or maybe your smile would be a whole lot wider. You might enjoy being goosed, y'know. In fact, you probably would've liked for me to ... "

"Don't you ever put your hand on me again, Creep," she hissed. "Don't you ever touch my fanny ... or any other part of me ... again. Ever. Do you dig? I don't know what I'm going to do ... or how or when I'm going to do it ... but, so help me Hal, I'm going to get even with you. Someday, I'll even things up. Every worm turns, eventually, and when I do ... "

A Well Thought-Out Corporate Punishment by Dr. Dlaniger
(Posted 1-15-09)

His tall beautiful girlfriend grabbed him and told him, “You’re not getting away with this, Brian. No, sir. You don’t play with my feelings and just expect to walk away. No! No! No!” She placed him in a painful arm and wrist lock and controlled his larger frame quite easily, causing him intense pain whenever he tried to resist, and marched him protesting into her bedroom.