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What In-Laws Are For by GRM (M/F)

Nancy Nelson was a "spanked wife." She reluctantly accepted that. She loved her architect husband and knew he felt likewise toward her. However, he was "king of the castle" and that's the way she wanted it. However, when she "stepped out of line" she knew what was going to happen. Just before bedtime, he would march her into the den and it would be over the knee, panties down, dress up and a very painful session with his old-fashioned wooden hairbrush. She hated these sessions and endeavored to keep them to a minimum but she respected his dominance and control over her. She averaged, to her dismay, at least one spanking a month - sometimes two or three.

Educating Sarah by Rod Birch (F/M)

"I see Madeleine struck a nerve. But don't worry, ladies. You're not alone. Despite what women's magazines would have you believe, even in these exciting Frantic Fifties, it isn't men's eyes and shoulders that arouse women. It's the male posterior, the curve of the naked buttocks that women appreciate.

"But now, let's move along. In the next four years, you will learn nothing as important as what you will learn tonight. How to manage males. Lovers or husbands. For their good as well as yours."

The Cheating Wife by Al Purvis (F/F)

he wanton wife knew the angry older woman wasn't kidding. Evelyn had no choice. She slowly rolled over onto her stomach and gripped the low head rail of the cheap brass bed with both hands. She was sweaty and panting before she was caught in flagrante delicto. Now she was in a flop sweat and gasping for air. Strange, since Ma Fay had specifically said she was going to 'bust her butt,' Evelyn somehow thought that she would be flogged on her upper back. She wondered if the belt would sting more on her wet flesh than it would have had she been dry.



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