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February 17, 2017

Six stories including: Denise Learns Her Lesson, by Don Barton

And with her confidence somewhat shaken, Denise had only her desperate need of passing the test to help guide her through her dishonest deed. And with a final push of resolve - and an unfortunate lack of honesty - she took her captivating, cold-blue eyes off her test and looked up to see what Mr. Mitchell was doing. And smiling happily, she saw that he was reading a magazine. She then panned the classroom, and she saw that all of her classmates were paying attention to their test. And with that, she slowly leaned her body slightly to the right - quickly feeling her femininely curved, right bottom cheek press into her chair as she shifted her weight to the right - and cocked her head to the right, directly toward the test paper on Karen Caldwell's desk, then she brushed her light-brown hair out of the way, directed her eyes at Karen's test paper and cautiously began to copy the girl's answers.

Also in this update:

Private Detective, by Jay Ellis
Anniversary Dance, by Victoria
Ann and Greg, Ruminations Over a Knee, by A.M.
Julie's Diary, by Ed Finn
Aunt June, by Ralph Greco, Jr.


February 14, 2017

Six stories including: Brenda's Desperate Need, by Don Barton

"Well, umm, yes sir," Brenda answered. "See, I know I'm supposed to be behave. It's just that I don't seem to be able to behave, and I think the reason is because I haven't been spanked for a long time. Years ago, when my parents were still giving me spankings, it was like the spanking gave me the power to behave, or at least made me regret misbehaving. But because I haven't been spanked since I was thirteen, I've really changed a lot. And, well, I don't really like who I've become," Brenda told her teacher. "And it's not just that, but I need to feel the security that comes with a spanking... how it showed me that my parents loved me. But since my last spanking was so long ago I guess it makes me wonder if they still love me," she said.

"Well, I can understand how that might bother you, Brenda," Mr. Johnson said, "but I'm sure your parents love you. Like some parents, they've probably just gotten the idea that there's supposed to be some sort of age-limit with spanking, that's all," he told her.

Also in this update:

Assistant Means Assistant, by Victoria
Brian and His Grandmother, by Thomas Bruns
Ann and Greg, The Birthday Boy, by A.M.
You Had Your Chance, by Joe Bullard
Cathy's Tail, by James Philmore


February 10, 2017

Six stories including: Bob's Your Uncle, Part Two, by Alan O.

"Let me tell you what I think," Bob spoke in a low level tone now, making Melissa stifle her crying somewhat so she could hear him. "I think that you read my ad and have been wondering about it, maybe doing a certain amount of fantasizing about it, since then. And last night you allowed yourself, maybe almost unconsciously, to get out of control to the point that when you had gotten yourself well and truly into trouble, you called me hoping I'd supply the discipline you so obviously lack on your own. "Which," he went on, as the girl raised her head and looked over at him, "is something I'm entirely prepared to do, because it's obvious to me that you need it. No well brought up young lady would have allowed herself to behave as you did last night and as you said when you called, you've been real bad.

Also in this update:

Spanking the Boss, by Taylor Moore
Ann and Greg, Part Three, by Greg Babcock
Above and Beyond, Part One, by Greg Babcock
Belinda, by Helier
Better Late Than Never, by Cathy Scott


February 6, 2017

Six stories including: Bob's Your Uncle, Part One, by Alan O.

"You know Daddy'll say I deserve a spanking, even though I'm not a little girl anymore, I'm...twenty two," Melissa caught his eye as she faltered a little over this.

Bob almost chuckled at the obvious lie. She might have had identification that made it possible for her to go into a bar and drink herself into this state, but she was no twenty two. Hell, she was the most obvious piece of jailbait he'd had the misfortune to encounter since he couldn't remember when (and he was willing to bet the officers knew it too, but they would be content to see her taken in charge of a responsible citizen they assumed was her uncle). Dammit, what was he getting himself in for? He asked again, before saying, "And you know good and well you'd get a spanking from your dad, don't you? The trouble is, he's not here. I am. And I think it's time I took my responsibilities as your uncle a bit more seriously."

Also in this update:

Bottoms Up, a Cowgirl Fantasy, by A.L. Purvis
Ann and Greg, Part Two, by Greg Babcock
Another Family's Secret, by Ralph Greco, Jr.
Another Bird, Another Tail, by Barbie
Boarding with Mrs. Glasscock, by Jason


February 3, 2017

Six stories including: Blushing Bride, by Juliette

Soon she was moaning and thrusting slightly against him. It was never like this when her father had spanked her. Sure he was aware of her wetness, she moaned again.

Mark paused for a moment and rested his hand on Taylor’s bare, red bottom. His breathing came in short, shallow gasps. If she kept moving against him like that he would surely lose it. He ran his hand seductively around her skin, slipping his fingers down between her cheeks. He could hear her breathing hard.

“Taylor,” he began as he continued to caress her bare skin. “The spanking would normally be over now. But this one is not. There are two reasons why I’m going to continue. The first is that you disobeyed me when I asked you to come here. I had to get up from the chair to pull you over my lap. I expect in the future you will move when I tell you to.” She nodded, lost in the sensations he had, and was, creating in her bottom.

Also in this update:

The Board of Education, by A.B.
Ann and Greg, Part One, by Greg Babcock
Aunt Dee, by Thomas Bruns
Annie Parsons, by Nigel McParr
Another Family's Tradition, by S.F.G.


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